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Will American Learn From the Great Depression?

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    During the last great economic crisis in America's history, the Republicans recipe to fix things was simple: leave it alone, cut taxes and regulation, and let the private sector have the freedom to do what they wish. Sound familiar to anything that we're currently going through in today's age? President Hoover realized way too late that the hands off approach that he lived by was destroying the economy by the day. After two years of doing next to nothing to revitalize the economy, he did the other extreme by raising taxes very quickly and imposing a check tax on all bank checks. This in turn contracted the economy even more and the Great Depression took off in full force. There are many factors that led to the Great Depression and Mr. Hoover is not the sole person responsible for it, but his reactions to the worst economic calamity in America's history did next to nothing to help the economy that was spiraling out of control. If only our Republican friends would take a minute to look at the reactions that they had back in the early 1930's and how similar they are to their reactions today. The saying "those who don't know their history are destined to repeat it" could not be more true today.