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Where Have All The Moderates Gone?

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    I sometimes sit back and ponder where all of the moderates in the Republican Party have gone. It can be traced back to their last moderate President and him going back on his pledge of no new taxes in the name of representative democracy. President Bush famously proclaimed "Read my lips. No new taxes" back in the 1988 campaign, but the reality of the Reagan deficit finally caught up with him and he did the morally right thing by compromising with the Democrats that controlled Congress and raised revenue to pay off the bills that Reagan had racked up. That act alone sealed his fate as a one term President. I disagree with Mr. Bush on a variety of issues, but his desire for compromise and effective governance are lacking in the modern Republican party. They should take a page from him and realize that you can govern in a democracy when different parties have power if both are willing to compromise for the greater good of our country.