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2nd intro page of "Existential Series" by alongcameaschneider

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    2nd intro page to THE EXISTENTIAL SERIES

    Rather, René should have recited, “Sum, ergo cogito”!!
    For there is that which we term Sentience which subtends and transcends the existential and phenomenological and substantive of our selves (consciousness, cognitive content such as information/sensation, and the labyrinthine reticuli which interconnect the modules and domains of brain with its almost infinite connections with the body as well.)
    Sentience is “absolute”, undis- yet unprovable. Sentience is that which yogas
    seek by concentration and "harmommmmmmic" resonance of their organism with greater being. It is, too, the quest of the ascetic by negation of the self and substantive.
    It is the locus of life in a being or is it (too?) the focus of a being in life's . . . field?
    One can, by ritual or deprivation or isolation or sacred afflatus, minimize
    realities to grasp the sentience state. Or one can just close the eyes, let retinal after-glows extinguish into total visual dark, expunge all thought and feeling, hearing, touch . . . . . .and there is sentience. One is aware of being.
    Sentience needs not knowledge nor reference-domains. Sentience is, yes,
    “Sum” . . . . “I am” . . . .the intellectus purus.
    Sentience, like incarnation's camera or monitor?
    Or nucleus? Centricity? But not of dimension or vector. Various words can be employed to attempt description, to convey understanding. But perhaps the closest we can come to an appropriate term, no matter its “archaicism” and religious connotations, is . . . . SOUL . . .

    (No matter how complex or sophisticated the schematics or AI or IT-revelations, the “soul of man’s
    sum” is of a dimension (and domain) beyond technology, . . . and even neuroscience).

    (AI = artificial intelligence
    IT = Information technology)