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creation? evolution? Armageddon? . . . . and the discussion begun by "Eternal Flame"

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    Back awhile ago, Eternal Flame (of Plymouth) posted an interesting essay on his college-age experience of
    wonder at, and conceptual fusion of, evolutionary science and Biblical accounts of (at least quasi-sequence
    of) "creation". From that inception, others added ideas and comments regarding same, and drifting into end-
    times and Armageddon and . . . . . interestingly arriving at a consideration of what state (or fate) would be
    existentially experienced (or endured or inflicted) should Romney be elected!!!!!
    An interesting "mental-morph" that, essentially, began with one-celled synthesizations in the suds (of the
    primordial seas) . . . and concluded with someone's mention of unplugging Romney's sewer pipes . . . .!!!

    Fascinating flow of ideation (and I won't pursue any anal-ogy here . . .)

    Inspired by the above, please allow my departure from econo-political ponderations and proclamations (such
    as my posts heretofore).
    I hope a sequence significantly removed from close-dimentional arena . . . a soar of sensate scenarios of the
    actual cosmic "game" . . . will be of interest to some. A few ears ago when I was in my youthful 60s, I compiled
    copious notions and notes and wrote-up what I called "The Existential Series". Same consists of a collection of
    essay (and introductory shorter stuff): Yer Born, (a note to a newborn -- what is LIFE within BEING?
    Life Sucks,
    (but life "suckles" -- the astounding and enthralling
    dimensions of intellect and art and so much more
    that the mind and body of mankind can experience)
    Time for R'evolution -- the gene is not THE chip of human existence
    Marriage (a "cooporate structuring") and money matters
    Sexuality (parts I and II -- which categories don't designate ways and means)
    Medicine and Psychiatry
    Evolution (&/or otherwise/-ways -- such as my Schneidrian synthesis)
    (alongcameaschneider as a special creation????)
    A prelude to a closing (of life)
    "DEATH HAPPENS" (or, for "triad purposes" -- ye'r born, life sucks, "An Then Ya Die".)
    A far more complete compilation than I'll post here is available online through or or Kindle or maybe
    elsewhere too.
    But for the moment, for introduction to an ongoing sequence . . . . .