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Why Can A Mayor Remove A Volunteer Agency with out cause

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    I am a member of the Rensselaer Vol. Amb. and last year the Mayor subitted a letter to our public saftey office in troy to not use us in the city and dispatch Mohawk Amb. instead. he stated we could not do the job but we had no complaints or issues other than a change to a contract with an independent staffing company. Now they are looking to place a ambulance in the fire house and staff it with paid fir fighters. is there anything we can do??
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    The first question to be asked has to do with certification of group members as EMTs. How many in the group were certified and was one certified medical tech in you ambulance on every call? Is certification required to provide the service? I'm sure it is by the way.
    If all legal aspects are fullfilled you may be able to advertize your free service as an alternative.