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Suggestion for a piece on the Rachel Maddow show

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    Recently Ms. Maddow did a piece on the "Red State" strategy of adopting the Nebraska model for allocating electoral votes by Congressional district. The strategy is evidently to change the vote totals in the "swing" states to secure more Republican votes in the Presidential elections. Michigan is actually considering this approach.

    Well, Texas is rapidly becoming a "swing" state itself. It would be interesting to see how applying this model in Texas this last November would have impacted the electoral vote count.

    If Ms. Maddow ran such a piece, I think it would put a stake in the heart of these initiatives.
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    Jackon --

    Yes, Rachel Maddow has been on top of all the planned "gerrymandering" of the electoral college vote by Republicans to try "steal" the Presidential election in 2016. Because of the publicity generated largely by her program coverage, I believe the Republicans in all of those states, except Pennsylvania, have backed off. Michigan Republicans were proceeding full force with their plans for splitting electoral votes until Governor Snyder supposedly nixed the idea:

    Snyder nixes plan to split Michigan electoral votes

    Personally I don't trust Snyder or the Michigan Republicans, so I would not be surprised if sometime in the next couple of years a plan will suddenly be sprung on the legislatures and approved at a midnight hour.

    Pennsylvania Republicans are proceeding unashamedly with their plans to split the electoral college vote:

    ThinkProgress, February 4, 2013: Pennsylvania Republicans To Introduce New Election-Rigging Plan

    "According to the New Castle News a local paper in western Pennsylvania, Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R) will introduce legislation this month that will effectively give away a large chuck of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to the Republican presidential candidate, regardless of who wins the state as a whole."

    Unlike the plans being put forth in other states based on congressional districts, the revised Pennsylvania plan instead would "award the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes proportionally according to the popular vote, with two additional electoral votes going to the winner of the state as a whole." For 2012 this would have had the effect of giving Mitt Romney 8 of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, despite losing the state by a substantial margin.

    As ThinkProgress pointed out, enacting plans like this in blue states while not doing doing similar plans in red states "gives away Democratic votes to the Republican for free, while letting the Republican candidate keep all the votes they earn legitimately in other states."

    So it would appear that Republicans are going all out to try push their tactics in Pennsylvania, and if successful it opens the door for other Republican controlled blue states to follow their model. It certainly highlights the importance of winning state legislatures and governorships as they can only do this with the control of all three state houses.

    Regarding Texas, I am sure you are well aware of Tom Delay's past efforts at redistricting (gerrymandering) the Texas map in 2003.

    As the Latino population increases in Texas, yes it could very well turn into a swing state unless the Republicans can find some way of reaching out to the Latinos with policies and not just tactics.