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The militarization of local police

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    Abby Zimet, Common Dreams, February 1, 2013: This Is Only A Drill

    "Last week, wide-eyed residents of Miami stared - and sometimes hit the deck - as Blackhawk choppers roared overhead, strafing downtown with blank machine-gun fire. Officials explained it was "just a military training exercise... to ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment," and that "public safety is our number one priority." Umm, okay. But what exactly is it they're training for?"

    The chopper incident is part of a massive militarization of local law enforcement by cities and towns across America funded by billions of dollars in Homeland Security grants and "donated" military equipment from our dwindling wars. Take a look at the photo in the link. What does a local police department need with a military toy like that?

    It's a $300,000, 16,000-pound, 80-mph, bullet-proof BearCat G3.

    That's not all. As we discussed under the forum topic of drones, domestic drones are becoming more common place...some 30,000 drone flights authorized by the feds according to the article.

    I know we have discussed this before, but it would seem to me it's getting to be a bit ridiculous.

    I shake my head...again.
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    "schmidt" In one word "scary" . The other things is, at least I've noticed that at least 90% of all police officers are here ex-military; it already shows when you get stopped by them; like an occupied country attitude; do'nt dare to defend yourself, keep your mouth shut or else.
    Are we indeed heading the direction of a "police state", like the old Soviet Union? They already tap your computers I guess etc. or toss virusses around on purpose? The only odd thing is however versus the "police state" issue is that the population owns more than 300 million guns, so who will have the upperhand over time?
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