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Hillary Clinton versus the "raging bulls"

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    Reference: David Brock. Huffington Post, Matters, February 1, 2013: The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: Out of Gas?

    David Brock of Media matters wrote the above article for the Huffington Post. He cites the recent attempts by the right wing media and Republicans in Congress to smear Hillary Clinton one last time before she leaves office. Fox News led the charge:

    "Bill O'Reilly said of her concussion, "If she was in the NFL I wouldn't let her play, but I think she can make a phone call." Fox's Laura Ingraham told the host that conservatives were now calling Clinton's condition as "the immaculate concussion." Their colleagues Charles Krauthammer and Kimberly Guilfoyle accused her of having a "severe Benghazi allergy" and pulling a "duck and cover." John Bolton jumped on the bandwagon, suggesting this was a fake "diplomatic illness.""

    Of course as we all know her fall resulted in a very serious concussion and blood clot that required treatment. It made the Fox News "Big Lie" look foolish and petty.

    On the Benghazi hearings, Hillary Clinton held her own with highly professional responses and sometimes emotional as she recalled the deaths of her colleagues in Libya, but what the world saw as empathy in Secretary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News saw as an opportunity to demean and score political points with their ignorant followers:

    "The instant Clinton choked up during the Senate hearing as she reflected on the four lives lost in the Benghazi attack -- "For me, this is not just a matter of policy, it's personal. I stood next to President Obama as the Marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at Andrews," she said -- the right-wing was again on the case. Rush Limbaugh without hesitation called the moment "part of the script." Fox jumped in with Ingraham suggesting she was "lip-synching crying" and Sean Hannity arguing the whole thing was "staged, probably at the direction of" James Carville."

    Secretary Clinton shined in the Benghazi hearings, answering questions professionally, no matter how stupid. Many of the stupid questions emanated from Fox News, which always leads the charge of the "Right Wing Noise Machine." Brock summarized Clinton's performance:

    "The reviews came rolling in. Typical was Eugene Robinson's in the Washington Post. He wrote, "Clinton's smooth and confident performance at Wednesday's Senate and House committee hearings was fun to watch. When her would-be inquisitors asked serious questions, she gave serious answers." Joan Walsh also noted her strong performance, writing "Three weeks after her release from a New York hospital with a blood clot on the brain ... Clinton stood up to the raging bulls with grace and fire of her own.""

    "When all was said and done, Clinton had the last word, telling ABC News, "When someone tries to put it into a partisan lens, when they focus, not on the fact that we have such a terrible event happening with four dead Americans but instead what did somebody say on a Sunday morning talk show, that to me is not in keeping with the seriousness of the issue and the obligation we all have as public servants.""

    Republicans fear Hillary Clinton more than any other possible candidate. I almost can't wait for 2016.
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    "schmidt" as always a very good piece; yes Fox and their clan are a miserable lot; I kind of pity her on the Benghazi happening; someone goofed up in the state dept. If you for instance compare the protection in Amsterdam and now also in Turkey with concrete, guard house, barbed wire etc. then I'm very surprised that in a country like Libya they goofed up in such dumb way. If I would have been nominated as Ambassador I would have demanded the same protection or even better than Amsterdam or Turkey before I even would go..
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    Schmidt, again you've made a great post. I watched part of the hearings. It was amazing how completely partisan the questioning, name calling, etc. was.
    I wonder how Hilliary will do in 2016. The 60 minutes episode last Sunday was almost like Obama endorsing her for 2016. With Biden in the race, that's a bit controversial. I think that the sexism that still exists in this country will be a problem for her. Unfortunately. Having Bill endorsing her will be a strong element. The Repubs don't have an ex-president who's capable of an intelligent sentence. What Bill did for Obama was vital.