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energy "independence" or would it be domestic quick-buck exploitation

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    Regarding our national resources as a global reserve

    (from ……, in response to an email from me.)
    Exploiting our own energy resources may finally free us from our current malaise.
    Far vaster than could recently have been imagined, we can at last envision energy
    independence (in concert with the rest of N America) within a few years. From this
    many blessings will flow: freedom from mid-east entanglements and corresponding
    lessening of military needs, reduced trade imbalance from this plus export biz, reduced
    carbon emissions, jobs, revenue from taxes and royalties, lowered costs to citizens, etc.
    Gee, I would think you'd be leading the cheers, but apparently not...

    (and my response to him)

    I interpret just the opposite. Our global petro-sources represent part of the global
    economy, providing survival income for other countries, probably most of which
    comes back to us through their purchases of Western commodities (of course
    including high-end cars etc. for their elite .. . . and mega-millions for weaponry from
    our M. I. C). Shutting off that "trade-detente" (or "MBR" -- mutually beneficial reciprocity)
    will make us more secure internationally? When those controlling/colluding (with us)
    despots are overthrown and Islamic extremism goes viral (cyberspacically, figuratively,
    and . . . literally . . .)
    Or when the despots we've so nicely armed (like Saddam) have nothing to lose by
    turning on our interests? Even on us per se? Turning their people on us?
    I interpret any threat that China, Russia, etc. represents as inversely proportionate
    to our involving them in global economics, trade, labor, etc. Would it really be in the
    interests of China to turn on us militarily? But if they had nothing to lose . . .. because
    then they'd be our operant adversary ("enemy", actual, not just currency-level). The
    mutuality of manufacture and monetary matters would cease. Their assault to
    seize resources (petro and other) from us (and others) might have to provide
    their survival.
    We shut off "foreign oil" and nothing drastic happens in the oil realms? China and
    India and Russia would so quickly come not only to grasp the whole foreign market,
    but to become its brokerage houses -- to whomever would pay including No. Korea.
    Again as I've reiterated repeatedly more than once (how's that for redundancy?) --
    again, though there may be illusion regarding the effects ("levels", "degrees") of climate
    change, any involved exaggeration is really caution. Just in case!! But the illusion of
    threat, the illusion AS threat, is that our domestic "conventional" resources are so vast
    that we really don't need to be concerned other than how quickly and prodigiously we
    can pump and mine their substantive/substances and convert them through the alchemy of
    refinery into . . . cheaper gas and higher petro-profits!!!! . . and pollution.
    What a remarkable situation it is that has the "conservative" stance so profligately
    promoting short-term exploitation for the quick buck. Fuck the generations hence. They'll be bitching about Federal deficits left to encumber them? They'll be far more discomfited by the cold and dark and immobility because we used up, sucked dry, the existential wealth of resources to propel our profits and hi-tech mobile-rampancy. Our "manic-modernicity".
    Maybe those in future-shock (and "aw, shit! reactions) will wonder why we didn't put more money (even subsidy) into "renewable" energies and some component and infrastructural systems for their implementation as, at least, "collaborating alternatives" with the much reduced conventional-resource-fueled demands.
    The future is not finite. The resources of profit (even "inverse-profit" by lowered prices) are. There will be children after the children who may still not have to worry about
    where the means for the heat or light or motion are going to come from. For eventually there will be ongoing generations that will out-live the non-reproducing resources!!
    But so many would say, "Screw them. What'd they ever do for me?"
    So yeah, let's pump it out wherever it is. Let's pipe it from wherever to all over (at least in North America but we'll shut off all those other taps so their economies can collapse if not for China and Russia etc. etc). Yeah, slice off those mountains and burn up that coal. It'll last 'til I'm gone, my kids too, probably. Their kids? Eh? Grand kids? What'd those great-grand kids ever do for my kids anyway?
    Yeah, let's have cheap gas so we can drive all over the place, run each mouthful of food an average (not median) of 1500 miles, transport carnival prize cartoon figures by the container-full all the way across oceans (this way) and autos and appliances faulty in mere components crushed or pulverized for shipment all the way across the seas the other way.
    Yeah. use up that petro. Don'[t let it lie around. Ain;'t makin money in the ground, is it?
    Corn!!! Plant more. Takes a lot of fertilizer and pesticides and that takes petro and makes mucho money as the price of corn rises and makes mucho money and the hell with the factor of former food!
    Plastic!!!! Let's put people to work making more action figures and plastic fancy shoes to be venture-capitalized as Internet startups and we can fill more and more retail places with plastic and superfluity and indulgence in excess. The clothing discarded overwhelms re-use as clothing. The general merchandise so quick to be redesignated "trash" overwhelms the places to put it now as landfills are reaching capacity.
    But you feel that there's malaise. There's foreign interference in our sucking sovereignty. There's entanglements now, and greater military needs . . . now unreduced carbon emissions?? . . .

    So let's pump up the petro and profits and pride ourselves in providing paucity for posterity.

    That’ll relieve the country’s malaise???