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Social Inequality and "Conservatism"

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    Income based taxes are not my first choice to combat social inequality. Better to just stop giving the house away thru the perverse government backed incentives and laws that govern the financial sector.

    I see a price-stability/fail-safe demand management (inflation control) role for progressive land taxes. This deals with social inequality, but at a source, rather than with costly to enforce income based taxes that come after-the-fact.

    Seems like you more effectively deal with social inequality by not allowing it to build up in the first place. Social inequality threatens the availability of equality of opportunity, which is what "Conservatives" argue (often in a contrived manner) justifies the very existence of inequalities in a "capitalist society." In any event, far too many "Conservatives" are wrapped up in rationalizing conditions today with twisted Animal Farm logic. They've turned the public purpose of government into their Snowball; it's "Free Market"-Stalinism that belongs in the "dustbin of history."

    The Progressives fighting for the restoration of the Rule of Law and Public Purpose are the true Conservatives.