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TSA is finally doing away with full body scanners at airports

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    It's about time. The TSA is finally doing away with their full body scanners at airports. The machines have gotten nothing but ridicule and enormous PR backlash, ever since they were installed in airports nationwide. If you are not aware, or never had the displeasure of having to be scanned by one of these machines, the full body scanners revealed spectral naked forms of passengers as they walked through them, to check for clever, would be terrorists trying to hide deadly weapons on their persons. The images were displayed on monitors in hidden rooms, were TSA members were stationed to watch.

    Rep John Mica of Florida seems to be all over this issue. He was reported saying, “It’s another very bad decision by TSA coming home to roost. It’s another disappointing chapter, and the taxpayers aren't going to take it on the chin.” He has said that he will use his new role as chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee to scrutinize the agency.

    Good. I don't know much about Mica, but I'm glad that some politicians are getting involved in this issue. The main reason the machines are being pulled though, really, is because of software. The company Rapiscan (in charge of the machines and software) will not be able to come up with "more secure" software for the machines by the proposed deadline of June 1st of 2013. Therefore, TSA saw fit to cancel their $40 million contract, at least until further notice.

    All machines will be pulled out of airports by May of 2013. But, they are still advancing more research and development on this technology and its software, citing they still plan to possibly use them in the future.

    I hope not. Agree?
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    TSA needs to be deep sixed.
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    Interesting. The scans that you mention do sound invasive. I don't like the attack on our civil liberties since the Patriot Act was started. The govt. doesn't need to be so involved in our business. You would think that Hoover was still at the FBI.
    The TSA is very heavily involved in the freight business as well. Many don't know this but almost all aircraft carrying passengers are also carrying freight. Domestically and internationally.

    It's easy to see the downside, but after 911 there was a clear message that Airline security was not good enough. I think they should hire ex-casino security to work at the TSA. They have people viewing and analysis down to a science. Of course the talent is there. It involves money.
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    Obviously these scans were for the purpose of detecting HIDDEN weaponry, and I would say that their presence has been very effective. I mean how many U.S. flights have taken off, and been threatened because one or more individuals got onboard with a gun or knife? Probably not too many were discovered as trying to get on board, we never hear about that anyway, but I would think the presence of these scanners would certainly deter most terrorists. Now if they are really going to do away with them, it seems almost like an invite for one of the terrorists to show how penetrable the U.S. airways are. Why would they announce anything if they didn't have another failsafe in the waiting? Maybe they do, but it sure would surprise me. I haven't flown for 8-10 years, and I have no intent to do so. I used to fly all over the world, but I sure am glad I don't have to risk that any longer. These terrorists are not of sound mind, at least not sound in the sense we think of.
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    It's the cost of freedom. Got to have security to prevent the crazies from blowing up and hijacking airliners. And we have to have another system in place before the current safeguards can be done away with. As bad as the current measures are, it would be worse to not have them. Just ask airline passengers, they will agree. Is the TSA a lousy, bloated, wasteful system? It's government right so it's all those things. As bad as it is, it's also necessary.

    Is there a better system? Lets hear your ideas...................................................
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    How about this jamesn? Make it the airlines' responsibility to examine THEIR passengers. Each departing flight would be required to have 2 lines, one for men and one for women, and each line would have its own appropriate-sex attendant who would be responsible for a physical "pat-down" of each passenger in his or her line, before they are allowed to board. Obviously these would have to be carefully chosen attendants who would not appear threatening or coercive in any way. As long as the coverage of all possible ON-BODY, as opposed to in-body, locations was near 99-100%, I do believe Americans would go along with it. Anything that could/would disrupt a flight would most certainly NOT be concealed internally, so I believe a total external search would suffice. Sure this would add some time to each flight experience, but the safety and comfort of the flying public MUST be the first concern.
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    "michaels" Do you still remember that you could go with your friends all the way to the gate? That is how it should be. The total nonsense here is again fear mongering. When I used to be involved with planes I could with my card go through anything at all without being checked; mechanics the same thing; I doubt if all the airport personel did have to go through those scanners with their tool boxes or inspection papers. Sure your suggestion does not sound too bad,but do you really think they will lower the ticket prices? A huge part of the ticket is now security cost. I think it would be a better suggestion to have a metal detector at the gate just before you enter the plane; may be also a "sniffer dog" which "united" can supply. Leave the shoes on etc. like they do in Europe. It is totally overdone here, little kids of 3 and people of 90 are not a threat I think.