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A President That Was Ahead of His Time

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    After years of a brutal War that wiped out sixteen million people and wounded another twenty million, President Woodrow Wilson decided that it was time to push a new world order that would later come to be known as the League of Nations. This was not the first time someone promoted the idea of a group of nations coming together, but it was the first organization of sovereign states that were to join in the goal of preventing wars in the future.

    President Wilson used all the power of his office to convince the public and the representatives in Washington that it was imperative that nations join together. He was convinced that there was no turning back after the World's first industrialized war. A war that saw nations flex their industrial might not for peace, but for machines of war. There had to be a way that the powers throughout the world could sit down across the table from each other and hash out their differences. Unfortunately, President Wilson was rebuffed by the Republican Congress of the time.

    The liberal ideals of nations working together and finding common ground and compromising whenever possible would have to wait until the end of another brutal war that saw millions more killed. A War that might have been prevented if President Wilson's vision for the League of Nations was allowed to take shape. One will never know if the second great war could have been prevented if the League of Nations was ever able to fully take shape, but it's a safe bet to say that if the world listened to President Wilson and his vision for the future it might be a very different place right now.