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Grover Cleveland's Hurricanes vs Hurricane Sandy

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    In August of 1893, Grover Cleveland had two monster hurricanes happen on his watch. And, he did nothing, all in the name of his entrenched ideology of small government. One storm hit New York, killing at least 20 people and causing a lot of damage. Five days later, another storm hit Savannah, Georgia . As many as 2,000 were killed, countless crops were destroyed and thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of rebuilding relief was in desperate need of by.. someone. Someone like FEMA and the federal government.

    I think in times of tragedies like this, partisan ideology needs to go out the window and we, as a country need to learn from past mistakes, and get relief funding and help in any way we can to damaged areas from monster storms.

    Cut to Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm and New York late October 2012. Another devastating storm hits, and it hits hard. Several times. Massive casuality rates and damage done. This is not a time to hold up congress. Its time to act. And to act swiftly and generously. That's what Obama and his administration are trying to do. Boehner, please get out of the way with your hostage-like mindset (brought on by the Tea Party). Let's help these people. And, learn from our mistakes of the past.