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Voter Suppression

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    Fenton, MI
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    From flletters MLIVE
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    Good Morning David,
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    From: David Gregson []
    Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 9:46 PM
    To: flletters MLIVE
    Subject: Voter Suppression in Michigan

    MSNBC reports today on Hardball, The Ed Show and Rachel Maddow Show that the Republicans are trying to Gerrymander districts in Blue States to reflect total Republican Districts for presidential votes not by popular votes to get more Electoral College votes. Of course they’re not going to do this in Red States. This would mean in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, [In the last election] Barak Obama would win the popular vote in these States but lose the county or Gerrymandered Republican votes and the red districts are more thus lose the Electoral College by area, not by total votes because most of the votes are in the big cities. And because Michigan has a State Majority in the House and Senate of Republicans, they can re-write the laws. Michigan Republican Governor Snyder already is looking at it, Virginia just did it yesterday on the sly while a key one vote [20-19] African American state politician was at the inauguration on Martin Luther King Day and the Virginia Governor a Republican said this was dirty but he will look at the law, code for he will sign it. This is very disturbing. It wasn’t enough to try to block votes in primarily minority areas, they now want to change the Constitution because they won’t change their mentality to become more inclusive because they are the party of exclusion to include only the wealthy and angry gun toting prejudice, anti -women, anti-minority, anti-G &LB anti-labor white men. I am white, a Catholic, but can’t believe how discriminatory the Republicans have become. This has to be stopped; now we have to take back the states as well. People [Democrats] typically don't vote in State & Local elections like they do in Federal elections thus the Neo-Cons Republicans have done better in these elections. What happened to the Republicans before the Tea Party took over? They were on balance very balanced, probably on par with a conservative Democrat of today. I guess if you can’t win fair and square, resort to Nazi, Stalinist tactics at all costs to win? Sad!

    David M. Gregson

    15240 Silver Parkway #203

    Fenton, MI 48430
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    If'n you make it that northern states are allotted and southern states are winner take all then a new civil war will be born.
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    I would opine that the perfect solution to this would be for the Democrats in these affected states to begin this very day by offering, promoting, and electing their candidates for the House, Senate, and yes even the Governor of those states, so that prior to the 2016 elections, that Democratic Party (hopefully in the majority now) in each state could RE-DRAW any/all district lines that have been gerrymandered by the Republicans, returning them to what they were before any of this tampering began. If they start now, it seems to me that this is indeed viable.