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Chester A. Arthur added the words "So help me God" when sworn in to office

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    The forum title pretty much sums up the point here; Chester A. Arthur (our 21st president) added the words "So help me God" when he was sworn in to office. Being VP at the time, he was sworn in because of James Garfield's death. It's assumed he did so because of the nature of being sworn in. Well, either way, no president had to say those words, or did so, until Arthur. And, they were not spoken again until FDR. And, FDR being FDR, it pretty much became tradition after that point.

    Barack Obama added these 4 little words to his swearing in ceremony for his 2nd inauguration, along with putting his hands on 2 different bibles (one used by MLK Jr. and the other by JFK).

    Personally, I liked John Quincy Adams attitude about this much more; swore on the constitution as opposed to the bible. Makes more sense to me. It both underlines the separation of church and state, and shows that above all, the constitution is the historical document that will be honored and upheld, even above the bible.