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Lanny Breuer Wikipedia Entry

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    Just now saw the excellent Frontline documentary on the U.S. Justice Department's baffling failure to criminally prosecute Wall Street execs for fraud. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer figures prominentally as the person most responsible for the Justice Department's refusal to pursue criminal prosecutions against these reckless criminals. I doubt whether the buck really does stop with Breuer. Still I'm surprised that there is absolutely no mention of his controversial tenure in his wikipedia entry. This is a long-standing controversey. Responsible legislators on both sides of the aisle have for years tried to pressure Breuer to act. These individuals really should be brought to justice. As a legislative aide in the documentary stated, the failure to act is a stain on the Justice Department. I hope it's not too late.
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    Lanny Breuer is stepping down from office, according to The Washington Post.