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Discrimination in CT. and MA Fires

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    Waterbury, CT
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    I am a 54 year old woman that has been discriminated against on a job working as a case manager for two years. I filed a claim with Commission of Human Rights on 7-26-12. Fired date was 5-16-12. On 7-26-12 the Center for Human Development out of Springfield, MA then had this newly hired raceist white man to fire five more in Waterbury, CT. I myself worked in Danbury, CT, one of our most racist cities we have in CT. This far I have handle my case alone and we are in the mediatiion phase, but thier lawyer keeping coming up with lies hoping soming sticks trying to mimimize the damages. I am getting so weak fighting this big Corporation alone. Attorneys hear will not help. NAACP did not help when I call for help. No calls back. The other five just started their claims and I would not like to see them go through what I been through. We need Publicity up here in Danbury, Waterbury, CT and Springfield, NA to inform them that slavery is over, thier are no masters any more and not only are are Afican American People are willing to work, we need to work too. I believe this company and this "new Man" they hired thought Romey was going to wen the Presidential race, and this discrimination shown to the other five that was fired was a pre-view of part of what Romey had in mind when he said "I'm going to do something no one else has tried". Making working people part of the 47%. Democratic Hub can you help us tell the world what is happening here. The supervisor that discriminated against me has gotten promoted and the co-workers did not lose their jobs even though I've proven with documents that I was discriminated. We can't allow this to happen we have come to far. We have a Aficcan American President.

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