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What has happened to the Republican Party? the NAZtea party and "christian" taliban

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    I was a Moderate Republican for 56 years, but no longer. It appears that the NAZtea Party , fearing loss of its covert control of the Republican Party as they lost the Southern Democrats, is striking out slightly more overtly via the Tea Party, is willing to crash our economy to regain/retain its hold. As in pre-WWII, they are fighting for decreased gun control and fomenting race and religion based prejudices. As during that period they are conning the predominant fundamentalist religions into supporting their positions through support of legislation forcing extremist religious views on our population.

    It is time for Republican Leaders to stand up and proclaim that the Naztea Party and the "christian" Taliban and NOT the base of the Republican Party, just the extreme fringe. Until then, I will fight to support Democratic and Liberal candidates for office.