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Barack Obama's 2nd Inauguration

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    On January 21st, 2013 Barack Obama will be publicly sworn in for his second and final presidential term. The 2nd inauguration looks like it will draw much less of a psychical crowd than 2009, and have less people 'dancing in the streets'. But, that's understandable as the novelty of becoming the first African-American president of the United States has already been accomplished. Now it is time for him to make the best use of his last 4 years in the White House and to do his best to deliver on promises made thus far.

    What are your thoughts about what Obama will say during his inauguration speech? My money is on him covering the obvious issues of gun control, the national debt and all of its drama, and further talks on international diplomacy and the wars we are in right now. Did I miss anything? Will you be watching the 20th?
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    The terrorism against westerners (and Americans) in Algeria and our support of the French in Mali since that is big news the last few days, almost as big as the news about druggie bike riders and football players with fictional girlfriends.