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A Dying Breed of Journalist

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    I was too young to watch Dan Rather throughout most of his career at CBS news, but started becoming interested in the news just a couple short years before Mr. Rather was sacked from CBS because of his reporting on then President George W. Bush's time in the National Guard. That might have been the best thing that happened to Mr. Rather because his subsequent show on AXS TV allowed him to do what he does best: report without filters. He was still the same reporter, but he was able to do it his way and he discussed topics that weren't being touched in the national news arena.

    What is so sad about today's "news" is that it doesn't have space for journalists like Mr. Rather. Gone are the days of genuine reporting. That has been replaced with shock journalism and an "us vs. them" mentality in reporting. Instead of investigating a topic and finding out the facts, news companies are now content with bringing on two politicians from opposing points of view to yell at each other for three to five minutes. All the while, the American people are getting robbed of a free press keeping a check on our government.

    The good thing is that if you want to dig, you can still find some real journalism. One place you can find that is on Mr. Rather's show, titled "Dan Rather Reports." Instead of bringing on politicians, he brings on people from academia and other experts in various fields. He actually informs people and lets them come to their own opinion instead of telling people what to believe. Unfortunately, people like him are becoming few and few between.