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Drive to Overturn Citizens United Under Way

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    The campaign to overturn Citizens United by adopting a Twenty-Eighth Amendment is starting to gain steam with Los Angeles voters heading to the polls soon to vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn the horrendous decision that the Supreme Court handed down in 2010. I have spoken with many people who think it's pointless to pursue this because the Supreme Court has spoken on the issue. That means that there is no better time than NOW to stand up and reject the Supreme Court's decision. They have the final say on the Constitutionality of a law that was pased, NOT on a Constitutional Amendment. The Supreme Court can do NOTHING if Americans stand up and publicly refute them.

    I am under no illusion that this will be an easy task to accomplish, but does that mean that we should just give up as a citizenry? Should we just accept that our Supreme Court is in the pocket books of the moneyed interests? No, we should not! It is a long and drawn out process to amend our Constitution, but when Americans stand up and demand something as one, it gets done. This is not even a political issue. The vast majority of conservatives and liberals in this country agree that this was a terrible decision. That alone should give those saying an Amendment could never pass some pause. Conservatives and liberals can't agree if it's partly sunny or partly cloudy outside, so it is a breath of fresh air that even the most hard core conservative people out there don't believe that a multinational corporation is a physical person.

    Let's stand with Los Angeles and other municipalities as they begin the process of encouraging our elected leaders to listen to their constituents. Democracy is messy and frustrating, but being a perpetual optimist gives me hope that brighter days are ahead for our country. Americans need to remember that no corporation can win if we stand as one and demand that we have an equal playing field with them.