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nation wide submission to national gun laws

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    Sapulpa, OK
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    eHow can Wolfe talk about the nation obeying federal gun laws when the nation is not obeying the federal drug laws (marijuana laws recently passed in several states that are contrary to federal laws). Not a good analogy, but, what makes anyone think that the feds will fund or enforce the changes being put forth. You don't see tasks forces such as you as you did during prohibition. Lets see some consistency in the government. If you are going to propose a law provide enforcement and follow through.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    Quite simple: More law enforcement people are members of the NRA than you think, because they came out of the army. Also certain states are
    "gun" loving states and try to enforce their own laws or close their eyes and act they way they like. Strange country indeed. I think we should change our name: It is now; the UNITED states of America; change that into; the States of America. The word UNITED has no meaning anymore.
    I think even now there is more uniformity in Europe than here between the different States versus countries in the EEC.
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    Meridian, MS
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    Great point Dutch, I also think the U.S. should be the S. because we are DEFINITELY not united as a whole anymore. In fact, this is probably long overdue, at least as far back as the Viet Nam War. Before that un-wise conflict, at the cost of so many in my age group, really accomplished nothing and started this country on what is no longer a SINGLE main objective, and now days even further divided in objectives and aims. I understand why people have always said they sure wished they could go back to the good old days. How true.
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    You guys are wrong. I still reside in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and you are right that we are divided on lots of issues but we are still one great country. Anybody ever heard of the Civil War? We survived that and things are not that bad again not yet anyway. Yes things may not have been this bad since the 1860's but I'm not ready to split us up yet. We elected Obama as our president and nearly half of Americans who voted cast their ballot for someone else but other than a few idiots, the nation has accepted him as president and that seemed unthinkable only a few years ago. In many ways things were better in the good ole days, but we live in the present and we need to work with what we have.

    I appreciate living in the United States and I am not alone in thinking that.