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President Obama rolls out proposed gun control legislation

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    Colorado Springs, CO
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    His press conference is set for today Wednesday, January 16th at 11:45 am EST.

    Washington Post, January 15, 2012: Obama to announce most expansive gun-control agenda in generations

    We have several threads going on gun control and we have addressed just about every aspect, but I wanted to highlight this special Obama press conference so people won't miss it.
  • Independent
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    "schmidt" Yes I followed the announcement; indeed "good" speech; however "words" are not yet "deeds", it will be still a struggle to make even these small steps stick.
    As I said many times in my "threads" these are like the say in Dutch: "Mosterd na de maaltijd" (presenting mustard after the meal is over). My main point is still what about the 300 million plus weapons on the street and at homes which did not have background checks or only meager ones.
    Then we have the trade in back ally's; Obama suggests more cops on the street, while more than 50% of the cops are NRA members because most are ex-army!! Then the "clips" they are already outsold; so I wonder, do they have to hand them in? Assault weapons the same thing; no one will hand these in. The run on these has been enormous, so new laws will do very little.
    So my point is even if all these suggestions become reality, then in practise nothing has put a dent into the real "gun" issue.
    The total refusal to revoke the "second amendmend" and replace with something other civilised countries have like a "2013 amendmend" is sticking your head in the sand, because guns sold this week on shows and back-ally's and before add only to the total number and will not change the gun use mentality here. The underground circuit will only get bigger.
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    I would gladly turn in high capacity magazines but how to replace them. Replacements before the scare were $25 or more IF you could find them. How about a buy back or trade in in the writing of the possible new laws?