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Drones: Should we be concerned?

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    Dutch Wrote:
    Dutch Wrote:
    michaels39301 Wrote: Dutch, thanks for reminding me about Wiki-leaks, but you have to admit that cases like that are extremely rare. And because of your background, you may very well trust reporters from abroad more than those from the U.S., BUT those European reporters you trust are humans too, and just as hungry to be the first with any story.

    Another question for you, I saw your comment both here and earlier about the U.S. being an island with 53 countries, and my question is how do you get 53 instead of 51?
    My mistake; I counted Puerto Rico and the Us Virgin Islands I guess wrongly.
    Sure I agree with you in relation of the "human" factor. The only thing I like to point out is for instance just remember all the news when we started the Iraq war; now we know there were no weapons of mass destruction etc. Also remember the "private" army we contracted who worked under their own rules; very little news about that here. What do you hear lately about Afghanistan? Very litttle, because field reporters are kept away; guess why? etc. etc.
    By the way since this is about drones; do you really think the reporting is done without any "scrutiny" before it reaches the newspapers/internet etc.? Have you heard anything lately who they killed; where ,how many, whom, in what country? They only release what they want to release and in what form or contents!! It is very easy to call all of these things "classified" So my opinion of any "war like" news is mostly "tinted"
    I sure haven't heard anything and don't expect to, that's just how it is, especially in regards to the military here. If someone spots something, and documents and reports it, the government has to "fess-up" but only to that one specific instance, and not an entire program. And you're right again, the word is "classified".