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The Defense Department Bill

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  • Democrat
    Julian, CA
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    The President just signed the 633 billion Defense Department Bill and the fascists in the U.S. Congress once again stuck in that NDAA Nazi Act which means our rights are once again gone with the stroke of a pen. You could cut that defense bill in half by getting rid of those insane wars and the waste, corruption and fraud and use the 300 billion saved to begin rebuilding America.
  • Independent
    Ft.myers, FL
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    Yes "connie" you got it right; I wrote several "threads" about that; I'm on the end of my common sense about it so I only shake my tired old head in disbelief. But as they say the future will tell and bite us squarely in the butt for sure!!! I have no idea who actually runs this country, but think it is the "huge" lobby machine and "money" for a few!!! Congratulations Lockheed, Boeing, Honeywell etc.!!!!!!!!!!