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    Julian, CA
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    The tax bill just passed meant that 2% of the American people would have a tax raise to help pay for trillions in National Debt, of course, the Robber Barons and their Stooges plan to have the most vulnerable Americans pay for most of this debt that was caused by those very Robber Barons and their Stooges and now they will try to pass another bill cutting America's humanitarian programs to the bone or eliminate them entirely while ignoring the most wasteful, corrupt, fraud ridden programs like insane wars, the MIC and a 50 billion a year fascist police state. The financial swindlers were able to hold their tax rate to 20% with those millions in bribes and the Robber Barons got goodies like Goldman Sacs 1.6 billion free financing, 20 corporations got a 11.2 billion two year tax loop hole and that sacred tax code bulging with billions in tax breaks, loop holes, tax havens and subsidies remains untouchable. To bad the American people don't have a lobbist bulging with billions in bribe money.
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    Every year, taxes occur and a lot of people expect to get that money back. Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of people have to pay taxes. You can always use a paydayloan to help pay your tax bill if you have to. Sometimes, you expect to get money back and realize that you end up really owing a lot.