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Interviewing Conservatives

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    When Ted Cruz criticizes President Obama by saying that "he wants to raise taxes on Americans," the person conducting the interview should step in and point out that Obama wants to raise taxes ONLY on the most wealthy Americans. And it should be pointed out that this tax increase only takes us back to earlier tax rates of the Clinton era.

    Furthermore, this claim about "raising taxes" is often juxtaposed to a claim about the deficit rising due to increased spending. The interviewer really needs to interrupt and explain the dynamics of the relationship between taxes and the deficit. If the wealthiest Americans contributed more in taxes, the deficit would decrease. The deficit is not to be blamed only on spending, as these conservative guests claim. Please go into detail about these causes and effects when you are interviewing one of these . . . elected officials.

    I have heard several interviews with Republican candidates who deceitfully use this "raise our taxes" claim, and I have NEVER heard an interviewer catch the error. Here in Kentucky, newly-elected representative Andy Barr (R) used that claim frequently in interview and in television ads.

    Please! don't let politicians get away with this ruse so easily. Their inaccurate (lying) statement is believed by all of the uninformed voters in their districts, voters who WANT to believe this deception anyway, because their unexamined, uninformed philosophy is "get the government out of my life." These equivocating politicians who pander to such voters need to be called out on their deliberately false claims, please!
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    Unfortunately, the media is afraid if they call out these liars they will refuse to appear on their show again and that is more important to them than the truth.