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End the Disabled Veterans Tax called Concurrent Receipt

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    I was a service-member in the U. S. Army, medically forced retired after serving 19 years, 4 months and 26 days. I was not given an option to stay in the Army because of my multiple service-connected disabilities. Because I did not serve 20 years of active military service and because I am rated 100% service-connected disabled (unemployable), Congress forfeited my entire retirement pay. If I was permitted another 7 month and 5 days, Congress would pay me my earned military retirement. Congress calls this Chapter 61 Medical Retirement, however, depending on the percentage of disability, a portion of the Chapter 61 Medical Retirement is paid back to the government as a "Disabled Veterans Tax". At 100% disabled, I lose 100% of my military retirement to this "Disabled Veterans Tax". Retirement with no retirement options, is not retirement. Why does Congress lie to its service-connected disabled military veterans like this? To save the government money at the disabled veteran's expense?

    End the "Disabled Veterans Tax", called "Concurrent Receipt"! The tax that ONLY disabled veterans forced into medical retirement pay. No other Americans pay this tax except disabled veterans forced into medical retirement pay as a punishment for becoming disabled while serving their country. There are at least 121,000 disabled veterans discriminated by Congress with forfeiture of part or all of their retirements paid back to the government out of their retirements. The greater the disability, the greater the retirement pay forfeited by Congress to this Disabled Veterans Tax.
    Now the Army is weeding out the weak, the fat and the greater disabled from the Army with financial hardships. Then offer retirement and disability pay to service-members with lesser disabilities not severe enough to remove them from active service. The greater disabled must lose this retirement, as they are not permitted TERA early retirements, solely due to their greater disabilities. End this discrimination!