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The first proposed legislation of the 113th Congress...kill Obamacare

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    Can i steer the forum back to the medical care situation since that is what the original topic was addressing? Today's Globe carries the story about how the Health insurance companies are winning double digit increases in premiums for some customers even though one of the biggest objectives of the Obama administration was to stem the rapid rise in insurance costs for consumers. But, as always, you can't keep a good capitalist down. When all this was being debated awhile back the polls showed that a majority of Americans wanted a single payer system ,or Medicare for everyone....Obama said that would be fine if we were starting from scratch, but we weren't ......What he meant was we have to make sure we retain the medicine for profit system with the insurance companies in the driver's seat. .....In California , Aetna is proposing increasing rates as much as 22 %....Blue Cross, 26% and Blue Shield of California 20%. In Florida and Ohio insurers have been able to raise rates by at least 20% for some policy holders. These increases can amount to several hundred dollars a month...... We tinker with the capitalist system in an attempt to make it work a little better for the majority of citizens. But , as always, the capitalists look for the holes in the reforms and come roaring back.....
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    "left" yes I get your point!! I've had discussions with "michaels" and "schmidt" about this subject. If we start at the "bottom" of this "food" chain; it starts in the doctors office and the "drug" companies. I've entered several complaints to "United Health" about this and are now with a third "doctor".
    The first I accused of fraud, the second of over-prescribing drugs, so the system from the bottom up is totally rotten. A friend of us, his wife had an heart anomaly (according to the doctor) spent 4 days in the hospital where they put in a probe via her upper leg to her heart and tested that for a couple of hours all around the heart; found nothing at all. The bill was likely about 15,000 to 20,000 so things like that makes them rich.
    Of course the insurance covers their own butts; also because of the enormous fraud committed on the claims; in Florida whole groups in Miami are the experts in it. I explained to "schmidt" that in the Netherlands the "fraud" issue is just about impossible; because doctors who get caught can not lean on their "lobby" as here; and get large jail terms if caught. I guess the companies you mention follow the cost development as they see it in Medicare and use this as a guide. I saw an article somewhere which stated medical cost in this country are 50% overpriced. I guess I mentined the inhaler for my wife which cost in Europe EU 60.-, while here over $300.- !!! That says enough I guess.