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Ann Curry Wants to Leave NBC for CNN

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    It's been reported that incoming CNN president Jeff Zucker wants Ann Curry to take over a prime-time spot on the channel shortly after he takes over in February. It seems that Mr. Zucker and Ms. Curry developed a strong relationship when he was her boss at NBC and he feels that she would be a strong name to compete with the likes of Rachel Maddow and Bill O’Reilly. It has been reported that NBC is currently unwilling to release Ms. Curry from her contract for the next two years.

    Ann Curry would be an interesting fit to take over for Anderson Cooper. She has a firm grasp of the issues at hand and has many years of experience in interviewing a variety of personalities. I do wonder what type of show she would host. I have to be honest in saying I do not know her political leanings that much, but she does not seem to be someone that would come as ideologically driven as the likes of Maddow and O'Reilly.

    This begs the question of what is CNN hoping to do as they move forward? They are one of the final news organizations out there that still attempts to report stories as they are and not with a political leaning towards either direction. That is fine and well, but the problem is that CNN's ratings have been declining for years because they haven't been able to navigate the waters between sensationalist "news" and genuine reporting. They claim to be news-driven, yet often find themselves trying to replicate what MSNBC and Fox News do. The problem for CNN is that those organizations have political leanings and operate their programs as so.

    Thoughts on what an Ann Curry show on CNN would be like and if it would be a good fit for the channel as it tries to regain it's footing in the news industry?