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MSNBC Promo Trivializes Genocide

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    Does anyone else find the latest Andrea Mitchell promo on MSNBC off-key and insensitive? I'm a stalwart MSNBC viewer, but this promo makes me cringe. Mitchell talks about encountering gender bias as a female journalist. She cites as an example the time the president of Sudan had her forcibly removed from his office after she asked him about killing his own people. The message of the promo ostensibly is about how women should be judged based on their abilities and not their gender. But what you see is Andrea Mitchell patting herself on the back while trivializing the unspeakable horrors of Darfour. It really is an extraordinarily bad promo and has been running for several weeks now.
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    I can't stand her personally although MSNBC and PBS are basically the only TV I watch.

    i don't think she asks the right questions and she lets the people she is interviewing walk all over her without giving any relevant answers. I wish she would retire!