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The Rough Rider's Lasting Legacy

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    America has had many President's that had a lasting impact on society, but Teddy Roosevelt might top the cake as the one President that changed the way America looks at it's magnificent landscape. Roosevelt oversaw the passage of the Antiquities Act, which enabled him, and many of his successors, provide for "the protection of objects of historic and scientific interest." These National Monuments that the act established have become one of America's greatest national treasures.

    America's National Parks are unrivaled around the world. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, our parks are the envy of the world. Just think if we allowed these places to be developed because of our insatiable appetite to build and inhabit land. We would lose these treasures forever. What Mr. Roosevelt did with his signature of this very important act was preserve our national treasures for years to come. Not many Presidents will be able to boast as big of a legacy.

    National lands are coming under increasing criticism from Republicans in Congress and their never ending drive to privatize as much as possible. We need to stand up and let them know that we will not let that happen. Our National Parks are treasures that can not be sold to the highest bidder. They are for all Americans.

    Thoughts on our National Park system and the legacy of President Teddy Roosevelt?