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    HOW can we ever discuss BROAD value or rights issues in America if everything has to fit into a CATEGORY? I just put up a post about how my book "America's War on the Disabled: 1975-1992..." is a broad issue book, dealing with a conservative smear campaign. It has an eleven page bibliography, and lists every available article published during these years on a host of "cutting social programs" topics. I also noted that every idea in those articles, printed in the 1980's, was recycled in the 2012 Presidential election. I stated that, although my book was available for free on the internet for years, I could never reach a mainstream audience because "categorizing" promptly pitched it exclusively to the disabled (and one History professor who assigned it to his class). Having made my point and saved my post, I then went back to review it. Guess what? I found it "categorized" under disability, with an ad on how to apply for Social Security Disability! I beg this forum to blaze a trail to include "NON categories" for broad social issues that impact all of us. The push to "categorize" us to death has led us to this pass: health care we can't understand, taxes we can't understand, social program funding we can't understand, and politicians holding the line for people who are going to leave estates valued at $5 million dollars. Soon, there will be a new "job category" of "explainers." We've got to stop focusing on one tiny piece at a time! What is the BIG picture? How can we get there? You know, the U.S. Constitution TRIED to find the big picture. For its time, it did a great job. Why have we trashed that vision? Why do we allow ourselves to be increasingly "squeezed" into narrower demographic boxes, increasingly losing the individual traits that make us what we are? Could a book like "Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" be published today? What "category" would we try to squeeze it into? Philosophy? Car Work? Mental Illness? True Story? Travel? How about WORLD VIEW! The categorizing of America has the effect of discarding individual world view. I believe this is what motivated me to write my second book "The Christmas Pedophile (and Other Stories About my Mother)" which is also available as a Kindle e-book. What really defines us, as we struggle to find our "place" in these systems and rules that have nothing to do with us as individuals? Isn't it the quirks, the prejudices, the delusions, the dreams? "The Christmas Pedophile..." is a true family history story. It is also a story about mental illness in America. It is a social policy story. It is personal journey story. It is even a "personal beliefs" story. But at its heart, "The Christmas Pedophile..." is a story about individual people who just don't "fit" into the categories. In my opinion, as the category net tightens, that's all of us. I am now 66 years old, and as my "The NO EXCEPTIONS Rules" chapter details, I'm looking ahead to an old age where my very right to a quality of life depends on what categories I'm squeezed into. Tennise Broeck Morse
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