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The "Do-Nothing" 112th Congress...a badge of honor?

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    Reference: Huffington Post, December 28, 2012: 112th Congress Set To Become Most Unproductive Since 1940s

    "Of all the bills that hit President Barack Obama's desk this session, Obama has signed 219 bills passed by the 112th Congress into law. With less than a week to go in the year, there are currently another 20 bills pending presidential action.

    The 112th Congress has done far less than the 80th Congress (1947-1948), which President Harry Truman infamously dubbed the "Do-Nothing Congress." Those lawmakers passed 906 bills that became law.

    At least 40 bills, including ones awaiting Obama's signature, concerned the renaming of post offices or other public buildings. Another six dealt with commemorative coins.

    House Republicans have also held votes to repeal Obamacare more than 30 times since gaining control of the chamber in 2011, despite the fact that such a measure has no chance of passing the Democratically controlled Senate or being signed by Obama.

    Meanwhile, significant pieces of legislation that have traditionally received bipartisan support -- such as the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act -- have been blocked.

    In the Senate, the Republican minority has held up a bill's passage by threatening to filibuster it 115 times.


    The irony of earning this label is that the Tea Party Republicans will consider the "Do Nothing" distinction a badge of honor. They religiously followed the Grover Norquist mandate to "shrink government down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." The less legislation the better. They see their mandate to stop government rather than to govern.

    Eternal flame in another post has labeled them fascists. When you look at the definition of fascism, you have to agree. The scary thing is that the American people re-elected at least 75 of these Tea Party crazies. What does that say about America?
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    To put it quite simply Schmidt, it says that Americans are, by definition, an example of the "blind leading the blind", or the "dumb leading the dumb".
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    "michaels" not quite right. I thought it were the biggest lobbyists and their patsy's in the goverment; I think they are the smartest of them all, they've got us all by the b.....lls,
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    Sarah Palin (& other GOP) have said "the Republican Party is going ROGUE." So I thought we should "look it up" to see exactly WHAT THAT MEANS. So here are a few definitions of the term "rogue." (Webster's Dictionary)

    1. a dishonest or worthless person, a scoundrel
    2. a vagrant or a tramp or vagabond
    3. a mischievous person, or a cheater
    4. a person inclined to shirk or misbehave
    5. one who is deviant, dangerous, uncontrollable
    6. corrupt & dishonest (as in rogue cops)
    7. deceptive, crooked, fraudulent, shady, shifty, underhanded
    8. one who has only contempt for people who make their living honestly
    9. leaders who defy all the laws or norms of international behavior

    Oh, for Gawd's sake: Don't tell me for ONCE, Sarah Palin actually got something right.
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    It is utterly shameful that Congress has done LESS than Nothing most of the time, just trying (as they say) to make Obama FAIL. But we all have to wonder how they get by with this nearly criminal behavior. First of all they get PAID to legislate & pass bills that are necessary to the functioning of the US Government. Not to twiddle their thumbs & make excuses to go visit the local pub. I BELIEVE that if they "don't WORK, they should NOT GET PAID." ----- Literally. They are so against the "unemployed" in this country, being on the dole. So worried that our tax dollars may help some poor guy who can't get a job (because some Republican outsourced it to China) & this man needs to feed his family, while he is on a futile quest to find another job in this decimated economy. NO, that is obviously a waste of tax dollars to keep his family alive. BUT we are supposed to gladly pay a HUGE SALARY to some Tea Party scum, who does "nothing" all year, (the only thing he probably can do right), & yet he makes paper airplanes & has lunch meetings & twaddles his secretary, AT TAXPAYER Expense. (on the dole). IF THEY DON'T WORK, they should NOT GET PAID. I think that Obama should issue an Executive Order that our obstructionist right wing in Congress cease receiving ANY salary until they do the People's work, which is to fix this Fiscal Cliff thing, & if they are admittedly "incapable" of doing the nation's duties, they should RESIGN or BE FIRED. ---- WHAT DO YOU THINK?
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    And not only are the Repubs a do-nothing bunch, they have now been so objecting and blatant against President Obama that the "cliff" negotiations have been driven to the Senate, where possibly, just possibly, Mitch and Harry can arrive at some agreement, OR if not, the President has instructed Harry to bring a bill to the floor for an "UP or DOWN" vote that allows middle class tax rates to stay the same and the preparatory actions to be taken towards gaining back our country's solvency. This way, if it passes or not, Americans will be able to see who voted yea or nay. It would likely pass in the Senate, but the President said John Boehner told him that he would allow a bill that passes in the Senate to get to the House floor for an "UP or Down" vote there as well. Now, even if it fails to pass, all Americans can see who voted for or against the bill, and know who is really responsible for sending America over the cliff. Good job President Obama.
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    How good are you at holding your breath? I am on pins & needles worrying about this Cliff thing. There ought to be some VERY SERIOUS kinds of repercussions if the Tea Party & right wing GOP push this nation into a recession/depression. Most of them are not too bright, if you know what I mean, & if Sarah Palin & pals are any indicator, it looks like a whole lot of vacant space in their skulls. Most of them are really incapable of deep thought on any difficult subject. Since when (in the 21st century) we should allow nitwits to run roughshod through our sacred halls of Congress?

    Especially since we know that GOP has been "rigging our elections" for decades. I just figured out WHY many GOP showed up at their rallies wearing those funny hats with tea bags hanging on the sides. Those aren't really tea bags, those are their "puppet strings" -- the strings used by the most rabid right-wing edge of the GOP. And those leaders deliberately magnify & glorify the puppets to get them into office, knowing that they will blindly follow any "orders" given them by the GOP officials. (Like a Grover Norquist Pledge). They're OFF to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
    And if they're real good, the Wizard may grant them one wish. "Oh, if they only had a brain."
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    "eternalflame" yes I have noticed if you have culture where money talks and lobbyists roam; then indeed you do not get elected for your brain power related to governing, but solely have only one track mind in the immobilised brain and that is; how can I direct the moneystream my way, the others can choose the highway. End of story.
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    Pay incentive very interesting.But you might not get the brightest to apply,because they wont be able to exercise their right to get over on the main streeters Those so proclaimed chosen ones have to get their superior cloak on at someones expense
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    You have to have enough civility to say something to someone that they want to out think you not fight the hole idea that he might of caved in to.Make them out think you till it is evident that we have a winner,then we have a compromise.Think about it wont you PLEASE