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Anti-Drinking Congressman Arrested for DUI

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    It has become a constant theme of modern day Republicans: take the moral high road and preach abstinence from things they claim are morally wrong, all the while indulging in the same thing they proclaim to be against. Senator Mike Crapo became the latest Republican politician to get caught up in this hypocrisy when he was arrested for a DUI in the early morning hours of December 23rd. Mr. Crapo, who is a practicing Mormon and has publically professed many times that he abstains from alcohol, had a BAC level of .110.

    Mr. Crapo has apologized for the incident and stated that he will accept whatever punishment he receives, but I can't help but take notice of the growing number of self-proclaimed moral authorities in our congress that live double lives when it comes to their personal indulgances. Why is it that some elected officials believe that they need to proclaim they are someone they are not? I do understand that people will say and do nearly anything to obtain power, but what is that power worth when you have to be someone you are not?

    In a greater sense, this goes to show that our elected officials are not truly themselves when they do the nations business. Is it more important to be yourself when you represent our country, or who your constituents expect you to be when you are elected? If you answer the latter and not the former, then we as a country need to seriously reconsider what our priorities are as we move forward.
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