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Newt Opens Mouth Again

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    Where did I hear that before; if you do not like it here; then leave. So in other words you do not accept criticism about your own country to help improve things here. Sure other countries may have also their own peculiarities, but may have in the area discussed better laws or rules. I lived all over the world; every country is different, but none have the "second amendment" like here; which in my eyes is nuts; it is only a piece of paper written in 1776 which should not apply today. Certain things are great here other things horribly backwards. But every country has its pro's and con's. I also used to live in Canada (Edmonton) sure there were good things, I hated the cold but the social system worked fine. I had an RCMP
    friend learned to shoot from him; but that was all. so I know about weapons also got shot at a few times on my travels,but never had the urge to buy a gun even today. Getting back on where is the best place to live; I guess it does not make much difference; I loved France, had a house there, loved their food etc. easy going lifestyle, but high taxes on everything, so you got to choose what your preferences are.
    In the Netherlands, I must say the population is more " direct" in their communication they do not beat around the bush with millions of words like they do here; the food is more "inspected" and fresh, more social plans, everything is controlled in such way that in an overcrowded country there is little crime, tragic happenings like when they had the "flood": they immediately act on it and built the worlds best protection for it. etc. The roads, bridges are perfect, no slums in any city; police carries firearms not the public. But again the taxes are high, the weather is terrible; cold and wet. And of course 18 million people on a postage stamp. I hope therefore you guys realize nowhere on this globe is "heaven" neither in the good old US!!!
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    Dutch you got it right, nowhere on this globe is heaven. At the same time no one is forced to live here. Those of us who CHOOSE to live here should strive to make this a better country, and I'm sure many of us do just that. But, our political system is so broken that it seems like we are fighting a losing battle.

    Of all our problems, gun laws, or lack of gun laws, are not our only problem, not by a long shot. (pardon the pun)
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    "jamesn" I like you a lot; you are a common sense person, I see that in all your writings; so keep it up!! And I hope you survive the end of the world. Of course we do not always see eye to eye, but that is this site for, in order to have all kind of opinions. But do not forget the real Dutch people have "hard" heads so they remain stubborn until the bitter end. Yes indeed this is a great country; great landscape and luckily people like you and a bunch of others on this site. But it could be even a better country if it would concentrate on our internal problems instead of only looking outward and point fingers at the rest of the world. Especially the trillions which were spent on useless wars which did cost over 6000 soldiers lives not counting Vietnam etc. If this money was used instead to make life better here, then we would not have to deal with fiscal cliffs etc. Of course some "wars" have to be fought as a last resort only. My question remains however did we get a better world because of these wars? Do people outside the US like us more? When you travel a lot like I did, then the answers will surprise you.
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    Dutch, different opinions and viewpoints are one of the things that make this site interesting. No I do not always agree with everyone, in fact I probably do not agree with ANYONE every time, but it's always good to have the discussion.

    You say "When you travel a lot like I did" and I DID travel a lot. I have seen that many people of the world envy America from abroad because of the opportunities that we have that others do not, which is still true. They get too much of their perception of America from Tom Cruise movies and the like. The internet has changed things in the past few years. Come to think of it, the internet has changed just about EVERYTHING in the past few years. But back to my point: people outside the US have gotten the Hollywood version of America and let it overly influence them.

    You are absolutely correct about our useless wars and how much good we could have done if not for all the lives, money and time wasted on places like Afghanistan. I only wish that President Obama had gotten us out years ago, that is his biggest failure.
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    jamesn Wrote: united why don't you move? Why stay in the USA when there are better options? If things are so much better there, why in the world are you still here? Maybe there've even got lots of attack dogs, or horny 15 year olds, which would make them even better for you.

    You go and we'll stay. While I still think the USA is better but I certainly respect your differing opinion, and I have to admit I never considered sex with 15 year olds as part of my evaluation process.

    But before you go, I will say that those are two countries which would make my short list of countries that are ALMOST as good as the USA.
    A horney 15 year old makes it better for me because I stated a fact you can't handle and I should just move away? You wrote "you go and we'll stay," do you have a mouse in your pocket or another user name? I would move away from American people's ignorance in a heartbeat if I could afford to take my friends and family, but since I can't I'm not going anywhere, instead I will stay and fight the American peoples ignorance such as yours. You think America is the best place in the world, that shows your American ignorance plain as day, it could be the best place in the world if it wasn't for the walking brain-washed such as your self. It takes more than just money to determain the best place to live, how many brain-washed that makes up the population matters too. Until your kind is long gone, I will have plenty to write about and even more reason to stay. I love this continent, but I have a huge problem with the American people’s ignorance such as yours that is destroying it and the rest of the world.
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    unitedmajority you are taking it all wrong. It's just having fun with you, because you choose to run down my country and I defend it. Sure I think the USA is the best country in the world and if you have a different opinion that's OK and who cares what you or I think? I don't think there is any perfect country on this earth and with all America's problems I still have it at the top of my list.

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    Hey you guys; what seems to be the problem? Like I said before every country on this world has got its own peculiarities, customs, oddities, garbage, slums, lacking education etc. So in order to measure the US against all of them one way or another is an impossible task because the one person likes this the other that. "jamesn" may hate it to live in France because he does not speak the lanquage and hates " brie" and "esgargot"
    as well the "gendarme" But "jamesn" may also hate to live in Alaska and dig for gold there and has to eat raw frozen fish and have 3 layers of underwear on. So whatever you want in the US or somewhere else it is only where you feel happy. I guess he prefers Hawaii, but then you haveto cough up alot of dough, because the cost of living there and housing cost etc. and he does not dare to go to the beach because of his huge naked girl tatoo on his back!! So I gues he prefers his state where they do not have flushing toilets yet.
    Have fun you guys, do not take all of this too serious; the world did not end but only changed a bit!!
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    Youre right dutch we should have a little fun on here. I only wish I had enough money to live in Hawaii! No, my home is here in fly-over country and I know not everyone would like it here.
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    "jamesn" I have a suggestion for you so you can afford to live in Hawaii. (but first get that tatoo sandblasted!!)

    Start selling "guns"!!!!
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    Which idiot gave that suggestion? Sorry I made a typo!! Better sell tatoo'ed condoms!!!
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    jamesn Wrote: unitedmajority you are taking it all wrong. It's just having fun with you, because you choose to run down my country and I defend it. Sure I think the USA is the best country in the world and if you have a different opinion that's OK and who cares what you or I think? I don't think there is any perfect country on this earth and with all America's problems I still have it at the top of my list.
    To be honest, I had a bit of fun writing that comment. Of course America is the greatest country in my opinion, is it the best place to live, that could be debated. No our government is not the greatest, but our majority is the greatest in the world, why? Our majority has what makes the rest of the world envy us, the best constitution in the world. We have a constitution that gives the majority the power to over throw a corrupt government. True we have never used this power, but still it is our power, a power no one else has. So when I hear people say our constitution is out dated, those are fighting words for me. No our constitution should never be change, no matter what gun activist say, no matter what the system says, no matter what any other government says. The one thing all Americans can and should unite for, is the protection of our constitution, because without our constitution, the majority has lost all its potential power and America will become nothing special anymore.
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    Pardon me for allowing all of you to fumble on for two weeks without my superior insight. The lunacy of the responding untrained public to the Newtown massacre, Aurora massacre, etc. fades the mental illness of Adam Lanza, Loughner, etc. into a beige wall paper. In these dangerous times when criminals disobey written law to manifest their illness and when reliance of public safety is strictly the responsibility of military and police, I offered sallyport entrances as a way to prevent criminal access to innocents; obviously, locked glass doors, although aesthetically pleasing, were never intended to deter killers. No answer on my suggestion, no commission to investigate, and Biden probably doesn't know what one looks like. As a pragmatist, I rail against the sensationalism stirred up in Newtown at the cost of 26 lives to initiate gun control. They died in vain if AR-15's are all tossed in the ocean or so it seems. The fact that no AR-15 was on site (only four handguns, hmm why four?) A criminal element operated that day and killed the patsy, Adam Lanza, along with the others. The autism plot is believeable by those who are unschooled in autism. In matricide, typically only 2 shots to the head are done, not four!
    And can you believe Gregory and Lapierre debating 30 round magazines? Complete lunacy with Gregory having never fired a single 30 round clip and Lapierre embarassing the NRA by perpetuating the Newtown lie! 20 year old, autistic, matricidal and homicidal criminals become marginalized in the pursuit of what?-two simpletons arguing the lethality of 30 round magazines on a 3rd grade level. It takes bullets and intent but that doesn't show well on TV. It takes three minutes to load one magazine and it isn't plausible that Adam lanza had that level of concentration-6 magazines?forget about it-none were found inside the Grade school so why is everyone worried about it? The whole Newtown disaster is much more likely to have been accomplished by someone(s) trained to kill, not an autistic adult. The first mass killing in the history of the United States by an autistic adult!
    This post cannot convey the zen of target shooting with an AR-15 or the sentimentality of my old Army days but it might elucidate those that understand I am an American and I can have any kind of fun I want to. Racing cars used to be fun but that was so much more dangerous than flying or shooting. I like prank calling people too but that's for another forum.
    Now! After all that, banks, prisons, federal buildings, and US Mints have sallyports. If any person appears dangerous, the first door opens but not the second door then the first door locks. Understand concept? Used since before BC. An entryway becomes a cell. Let's all start construction of sallyports on schools tomorrow and put the simpletons that debate 30 round magazines out of business!