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Why did this happen?

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    From Columbine to Newtown and from 9-11, the bogus war in Iraq, to the banking bailout of 2008, everyone is asking, “Why did this happen?” The answer lies within the domain of VALUES. We (the US and the world) have been sold a bill of goods in the form of “the great lie.” At least since the mid 20th century, global humanity has been subjected to a lie that has been fomented by fascist-thinking politicos and perpetrated through an increasingly powerful mass media that literally alters the neural structures of the brain—changing cultural values (consumerism), choices, and actions. Neo conservatives know this, and have used it to create a modern mythology based on fear. (see BBC documentaries: Happiness Machines, The Power of Nightmares, The Trap) In a word, most of our current problems have to do with delusions created by the media and perpetrated by…vampires—a virtual entity that sucks the life blood from humanity and the planet itself.
    If the vampire metaphor is accurate, this is no small concern, and it ain’t funny. Vampires are downright evil, and they understand the cognitive dynamics of the collective unconscious. The lie has taken many forms, but its essential rational is much worse than rabid anti-populism. It includes demonstrably dangerous ideas such as: the masses are sub-human and motivated by chaotic and destructive subliminal forces, the masses need to be controlled (through fear), they need to be controlled by a moral elite (mostly folks with money who constantly commit egregious crimes including high treason). The consequences of this worldview are multiform. Every planetary issue from global warming to human rights must be contemplated from a hard-line understanding that it either supports the delusion—the lie—or that it supports the harmony of life on the planet. Every cultural issue from guns to butter, from homelessness to defense of middle-class values is poised on this dilemma. The answer to the question, “Why did this happen?” is that collectives and individuals have been confused by the lie, and frustration makes some individuals crazy.
    Every time we are confronted by a catastrophe, it is crystal clear that human people are NOT soulless, ignorant, nor destructive. Rather, they are humane, they care, they are conscientious, and many of them live according to true humanitarian values. They respond instantaneously to the needs of others, and they are quick to provide both substantial and insubstantial aid. So what is the solution to problems arising from psychotic delusion? As Jim Hightower notes in his current “Lowdown,” we can’t play pattycake with the President. Progressives need to be hardliners. We need to use the mythic weapon—the stake to the heart of evil. That stake is truth, and MSNBC has demonstrated this exceedingly well. However, the populist message must get to the conservative unconscious in order for sanity to prevail. In addition to reading The Nation, Mother Jones, Lowdown, etc., for several years I have been reading the American Free Press. What I noticed was that their writers are not entirely off-base. Many of their issues are populist issues, but they are badly ignorant of the causes of problems. A case in point is economics. They have marked the corporate bad guys, but they misunderstand the concept of “big government.” They have swallowed that conservative lie whole. We must all take a hard-line approach to the process of freeing ourselves from the delusions and the lies. Solutions do not rely on bandage solutions like gun control or requiring the wealthy to pay taxes, they rely on the administration of equal justice under authentic law. When the psychotic “elites” can get away with murder, treason, warmongering, and the most grand larceny while the “masses” lose their homes, their livelihood, their health, and their human dignity, the predictable result will be cultural psychosis: collective frustration, alienation, and violence. If it is not corrected at the source, the Neo Conservative nightmare will continue to fester in the collective unconscious and manifest as fear-based violence.
    Best regards and thanks for your wonderful work,
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    "sschafer" I do not completely agree; for instance even MSNBC is very careful about the real thruth a type of Chris Matthews does not help he only likes to hear himself talk. Essences like you mention which are cultural inbred here, are very difficult to remove. For instance the "greed" culture. Then we have the we can "buy you" culture. Then we determine how other countries should think and what religion they should have.
    Then we are the only ones to have rockets, atomic bombs etc. Then if we do not like them, we just invade them and test our new weaponary.
    Do not forget the lobying system; works great especially for the war and gun industry. Let us spent some more on new war stuff; China will lend us the money anyway as long as we import their mass produced junk. etc. etc.
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    sschafer --

    Your post caught my eye. It something that I have been thinking about since delving into books and articles by psychologists and science writers to help explain why so many middle class and poor in the country vote against their own economic interests. For me, a "facts in your face guy," I am astounded that even 47 percent of Americans could vote for a plutocrat like Mitt Romney. I can appreciate that there are a lot of one issue values voters like the anti-abortionists, but even factoring them into the voting equation, common sense and intellectual wisdom would suggest that the Republican agenda, the platform of the plutocrat Mitt Romney and the Ayn Rand follower, Paul Ryan, should have been rejected by a landslide. But only 47 to 51! Sheesh.

    George Lakoff, a cognitive scientist and linguistic professor at Berkeley, in his book the Political Mind coined the term "cognitive policy" to describe a deliberate conservative policy over the last 40 years to, as Lakoff put it, "change the brains of millions of people."

    Quoting Lakoff (Chapter 11), "conservatives have spent huge sums to enact cognitive policies, to introduce as normal ideas like private medical and retirement accounts (to replace Medicare and social security), school vouchers (to replace public schools, the flat tax (to replace the progressive income tax), big government (to attack social programs) and more...private based solutions...and on and on. Conservatives conduct such cognitive policy making every day of the year. It is explicit, well-organized, and well funded. And it has been working."

    Why does it work? Lakoff also uses the term "cognitive unconscious" to describes the 98 percent of brain activity that operates at a level below consciousness... what are brains are doing that we cannot see or hear. Unconscious thought is reflexive -- automatic, uncontrolled. I won't get into all the neuroscience principles as that's your area of expertise, but it is something that the extremely rich plutocrats understand, and I'm sure they employ the best political psychologists to devise ways of implementing those policies...and so effectively dividing the middle class against itself.

    Lakoff also suggests solutions on how liberals can reverse that thinking by engaging in a cognitive policy of their own, but you cannot change minds overnight. And there doesn't seem to be any understanding or organized commitment from liberals on how to go about that. We tend to live in our own world of facts and analysis and expect those to speak for themselves.

    So it would seem to me that you and Lakoff are largely thinking alike, but perhaps with a different emphasis on some points. I certainly agree with your last point: "If it is not corrected at the source, the Neo Conservative nightmare will continue to fester in the collective unconscious and manifest as fear-based violence."
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    Thanks for your thoughtful and well wrought analyis of the dynamic that is devouring the modern world. My own analysis differs in the following respect. The politicians who install the policies driving these destructive forces are merely agents for the real rulers who stand behind the throne much like the Wizard of Oz. These are the capitalists and it is the system of capitalism that needs to be .......I will be so bold as to say....not reformed, but destroyed. By the time an American politician decides to seek national office he/she is already convinced that the American economic system is invoilable . They will tinker with it in an attempt to keep the wheela rolling but .....let me be brave enough to state it plainly.....the system cannot be reformed. It is what it is and needs to be replaced with a system based on the needs of all humanity and not merely those who have a stranglehold on it. It needs to be replaced by a dynamic that produces goods for human need and not primartily for profit. The drive for profit produces wars, exploitation, an inequitable social system, a force that is destroying the enviroment and a citizenry that is confused and misled as far as best ways to construct a viable community. The chances of bringing about a change of this magnitude are , admittedly, extremely slim but until the need for such a change is realized and addressed we are doing little more chasing our tails.