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McConnell Filibusters His Own Bill

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    In what may be a first in Senate history, Senator Mitch McConnell blocked debate from moving forward on a bill giving the President power to raise the nations debt ceiling without congressional approval. The fact that Senator McConnell filibustered a bill is not of any importance. His party has done that on nearly every vote that has come up on the Senate floor since 2009. What is unique is that the bill that Senator McConnell blocked was one that he originally sponsored and demanded a vote on only hours earlier. Why the sudden change of heart?

    The sudden change of heart happened because Senator Reid had the votes to pass this bill and Senator McConnell was not expecting that. He thought that he was putting the Democrats in a difficult position, but they turned the tables on Senator McConnell and made him the one that looked like a fool.

    What does it say about our Republican leaders that they are now resorting to filibustering their OWN bills? Does anyone honestly believe that they have any interest in actually moving our country forward after stunts like this?