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Why Did Reid Block Budget Amendment to Russian Trade Bill?

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    I'm read that Senate Leader Harry Reid blocked the incorporation of an Obama approved budget deal into a Russian Trade Bill. Although it would be a 'rider' and have nothing to do with the Trade Bill I don't understand why Reid did that. In politics if the other side is willing to vote for your proposal you should go for it! Trying to get a clear answer by googling is a pain because the search engine spits up mostly right wing sites crowing that this shows Reid isn't serious about negotiating a fiscal deal before we go over the so called cliff. The few left wing sites I can get to give very little illumination either. I'm taking on faith there must have been something wrong with McConnells proposal but I don't like taking politicians actions on faith. Can someone give me a simple explanation about this?
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    Hey zo0tie, I researched this bill and could find absolutely nothing about any riders. However, I did see where it OVERWHELMINGLY passed both the house and the senate, so now it is on Obama's desk. Here's the website:
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    Here's a website with what I'm talking about:

    Once again I'm not taking McConnel's side. I think he's scum. I just want some clarification. If Reid had said yes and it actually was a stunt McConnell would have had to filibuster his own proposal making him look like a fool. And if it was a real deal Obama would have gotten a budget bill on his own terms. What am I missing?