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Fox News benches Karl Rove!

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    So, the Republicans are kind of in a frantic hurry to alter their image after finding themselves on the losing end yet again in the 2012 elections, mainly the presidential elections of course. This includes Fox News. Fox News chief Roger Ailes has decided to "bench" Karl Rove, (at least for the time being) after his ridiculous predictions and overall hardheadedness on election night coverage, and his hilarious on-air refusal to come to terms with the fact that Romney had actually lost the election.

    By "benching" this means that Rove is not to be on Fox News in any way, unless first approved by Ailes. And, even still, in an extremely limited, or most likely non-existent way even then. Ailes is apparently pissed at Rove. And, many sources cite that he was very embarrassed by Rove's actions. Many pundits on both sides (liberal and conservative alike, even many Fox News commentators as well like Meghan Kelly) have outright made fun of him for his outright bias and off-handed comments on election night.

    I am glad to see Fox News actually take action over something like this. Rove is one of their worst pundits/commentators. He's one that I dislike the most, purely on the fact that he takes every chance he gets to plug is horrible SuperPAC. I think its disgusting. Otherwise, I'm still glad that he's being silenced for the time being. He is annoying. and loud. Anyone else agree with me? Care to share your feelings on Karl Rove, or the "head of ham" as Stephen Colbert calls him? :)

    If you are unaware of what he did, watch this short YouTube video that occurred on election night, debating the outcome of Ohio here:

    Fox News, Karl Rove Argue Over The Outcome In Ohio -