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Dick Armey vs FreedomWorks

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    Dick Armey has abruptly left FreedomWorks and the split didn't seem to be amicable. Armey wouldn't discuss why he decided to leave his post, but he did state that he wished that the organization went in a different direction during the elections. Armey stated "We might've gotten better results if we had gone in a different direction. But it isn't that I got my nose out of line because we should've done better."

    One has to wonder what he meant by that statement. What different direction could he have been talking about? Armey was the lead person at FreedomWorks and I highly doubt that he didn't have nearly free reign with regards to their advertising campaign during the election. This was an election that saw FreedomWorks, among many other right wing superpacs, spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to take President Obama down. Thankfully, they weren't successful.

    Thoughts on why Dick Armey actually left FreedomWorks?