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Grover Norquist ILLEGAL & unConstitutional Pledge AGAIN

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    A few minutes ago, on TV, they said Grover Norquist was making threats about the Tea Party being TWICE as BAD, if they didn't get their way on the Budget deal. The commentator also said, that Grover Norquist WAS NEVER ELECTED to anything, & all he really is is a mouthpiece for Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, & Geo W. Bush --- all his little cronies of the extremist right-wingers, who were VOTED OUT. By the intentions of the Founding Fathers, NONE of them should have ANY voice at all in the workings of the Present Congress. The TEA PARTY has no right to make pledges (or to force others to make pledges) to the "unelected" Norquist, who only represents (illegally) the Republican has-beens who have been ousted by the American people. THE ONLY PLEDGE members of Congress can "legitimately" make is their Oath of Office, which is to defend & protect the U.S. Constitution. And IT tells them to "represent We the People" in their law-making, & DEFINITELY NOT to represent the likes of Grover Norquist, & his little band of unConstitutional thugs. They think they can hold ALL OF US Hostage to their little petty demands, like the bully on the playground. But Guess What? WE ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY THEIR GAME. If the Tea Party gang does not want to follow their Pledge to Uphold the Constitution & they want to violate their "Oath of Office," then they can be kicked out of Office. And WE SHOULD DO EXACTLY THAT. The Founders would be cheering with Joy, if we got rid of the Tea Party bunch.
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    Amen, eternal flame. I sure second every word you said. That stroke Grover, I bet his folks were dogs and named him Rover, but he growled so much they just changed his name to Grrrrrover. Someone needs to assasinate him, and do it now.
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    I agree that they should get rid of Grover..... However, assasinate is a harsh term. What I think is really needed is that all democrats and independants need to communicate with their Senator and Congress person and let them know your opinions, feelings, and suggestions. I
    think it should be worded harshly with the threat to not re-elect them if they don't follow the wishes of their constituants.
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    McClellan I agree that assassination is a bit extreme. If someone were to suggest the assassination of a prominent Democrat maybe some people would object, even some on this DemocraticHub. Even with those with whom we completely disagree with politically, it's not right to suggest murder. We are still a little more civilized than that, or at least we should be.
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    Hi Guys: I am glad you can still be emotionally incensed by the horrible things happening in this country right now, because even with the fantastic victory of Obama's election, there is still so much to do that can't be done with the obstinate fools on the GOP side. I guess it is better to be more precise -- the obstinate fools in the Tea Party. Because I don't know for sure, but I think the Tea Party is even more radical than the average GOP (Gestapo On Parade) has ever been in the past.

    But speaking of assassination is a bit extreme, as we are still very much a Christian nation, (80% of our population) & we in the Democratic Party have experienced the effects of assassination too many times to take it lightly. Most people do not realize it, but the slimey method of assassination has been an effective & frequent tool of the GOP, besides election fraud, to manipulate our elections. Probably the first one in this era where you & I were aware, was the murder of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. His crime was being a very popular Democrat, running for President, in an election year. Then only 5 yrs later, (1968) his brother Atty General Robt F. Kennedy was shot & murdered while he was a very popular Democrat running for President, in an election year. The GOP were afraid of a Kennedy dynasty (family of politicians) & so they got together all their forces & did the dirty deed. The GOP had been heavily infiltrated by the John Birch Society (JBS) by that time, & they had been busy spreading their usual crazy right wing propaganda on airwaves, to brainwash the American public to vote Republican, mostly by bashing Democrats, & accusing them of being Communist.

    During those years we had right-wing J. Edgar Hoover (Republican) running the FBI & we had weirdo's from the CIA trying to invade Cuba, & most of our right-wing Generals & Joint Chiefs of Staff were busy trying every way to get JFK to nuke Cuba. One of their pet projects was to blow up a US space capsule with John Glenn (astronaut) aboard, & then to blame it on the Cubans, so we would have an excuse to nuke Cuba. (This is pure FACT) You can google it under "Project Northwoods." This scenario was rejected by the few "sane" ones, but Kennedy was outraged by all the crazy ideas given by General Lemnitzer Thank God that we had JFK as our President that year, or those lunatics would have bombed Cuba, & the Soviet missiles were set up there, only 90 miles from our shore, & ready to strike. The late great USA might now be nothing but a pile of radioactive rubble, if John Kennedy was not our President that year.

    On Nov 22, 1963 in the Dallas Newspaper, the JBS (Birch Society) put a big front page ad saying "JFK Wanted for Treason" & saying all the usual insane right wing rhetoric, like he was "soft on Communism" & stuff like you hear from the right wing Tea Party of today. It would have not mattered too much, probably, except that was the very day JFK was shot dead, murdered in his motorcade, driving down the street.

    The CIA was full of lunatics, always trying some new ways to drum up a war, so they could show off their "macho" & go screw up some other nation somewhere in the world. Keep in mind it was our CIA who put Castro into power in Cuba in the first place. There was a guy in there named Battista, & our CIA took him out & put Castro in. Then shortly afterward, Castro announced "Hey guys, guess what, I am a Communist." And our US tax dollars actually put him into power, (near 1958) & he is still in power to this day (unless he died recently). After they so kindly put Castro into power, the CIA spent the next several years trying to invade Cuba & trying to assassinate Castro. They tried such incredible means as hiring a prostitute to sleep with him & give him an exploding cigar. (I wonder how they ever got the name CIA to mean Central INTELLIGENCE Agency?) You just gotta wonder. ---- But about this time, good old Daddy Bush was in the CIA, being a grunt of some kind, and having some duties around the Bay of Pigs. (You don't get to be Director of the CIA if you don't have any long term experience with the Agency). Also, very interesting, Daddy Bush was photographed in Dallas, standing by the Texas School Book Depository Bldg, just a couple of minutes after JFK was shot, from bullets fired out the upper windows of that bldg. (Yep, Nov 22, 1963). Those photos are part of the National Archives of the Assassination Committee. Why was Daddy Bush (CIA) lurking around that bldg that day? It is also a fact that a big Republican meeting was held in Dallas that day, so even tricky Dick Nixon had been there. And a few big OIL Billionaires were involved in the politics of that day, heavily involved in the John Birch Society also. Big oil has always been filthy, corrupt, full of EVIL men. Several of them were on the Birch Society National Committee. One was Fred Koch, (father to the "Koch Brothers" who created the mad hatters Tea Party).

    Among all the other cast of characters involved in the Cuban weirdness, was the CIA, & the Mafia. The Mafia was all upset because they had previously had a Las Vegas on that island, full of tourist casinos (a big money maker) & Castro put a stop to all that. So the Mafia got involved along with the CIA (with their harlots & exploding cigars) & some of our Military, to invade Cuba to take it back. However, our radar had some way to detect (by overhead flights) that Soviet nuke missiles were all over the island, & JFK knew that we better "cool it" before making any big plans to bomb Cuba. Or of course they would retaliate, & missiles would be landing in New York & really mess up the May Day Parade.

    Never content to have only one war at a time, the CIA was also busy in the Tonkin Gulf trying to work up a War in Viet Nam, & JFK had a hard time trying to keep that whole mess under control. We had "advisors" over there, trying to assess the situation, & like much of the weird world of War in IRAQ-Afghanistan, there was a lot of subterfuge, involving Dope Traffic, & certain agencies wanted to assassinate leaders of some of the nations like Laos & Cambodia. It gets too complicated here, but with the CIA certain patterns develop, where they are always sticking their noses in places we should not be involved in. As a result we seem to have perpetual war, & later on, nobody can really account for How we got Into that War, & WHY? And it usually turns out to be a big Fiasco. The Central Stupidity Agency strikes again. We can never estimate how many billions & trillions of US tax dollars have been wasted on stupid senseless wars, that we should never have been lured into. And it is even worse to estimate how many LIVES of our soldiers have been wasted by crazy schemes to rebuild some nation, or to change the type of govt they had, etc. Look at VIETNAM -- 12 years there, 58,000 soldiers dead, & today VietNam is totally Communist anyway.
    They look happy, riding bicycles down the street, wearing those round pointy straw hats, & driving by new-built bldgs that are flying the red Communist flag. The grass & trees have grown back, like new, after all the napalm we dropped to burn up all their foliage & villages.

    But I got off on a tangent somewhere, & was talking about how the GOP used the method of assassination to rig a few elections, since the JBS was intent to takeover the GOP, and then to USE the GOP to takeover the US Government. The founder of the JBS (Robt Welch) did NOT believe in Democracy. (So pause a second to think what exactly THAT MEANS). Democracy means "govt of the people, by the people, for the people" -- meaning we citizens ARE the Govt, we vote for our chosen leaders & THEY are only to Represent the WILL of the People, & to do our bidding, as we tell them to do. Our elected leaders are only a surrogate for each of us, & only to vote as we would have voted ourselves. That is the essence of democracy --- rule by the people. WE ARE the GOVT. But Robt Welch, founder of the Birch Society made it quite clear that he did NOT believe in Democracy, which is why I started my quest to make all this known to the people of the USA, who are being subverted each & every day, by Birchers who have infiltrated the Republican Party, with the intent & purpose of destroying Democracy. They want to take over our govt and turn it into a Theocracy or another Fascist form of Govt, where the people DO NOT COUNT, & their will is not taken into any consideration. Only the rulers (the rich) will make the LAWS, & enforce them (even with violence) against We the People. (You can now see that happening when Police are using combat weapons against unarmed American Citizens who are only having a peaceful demonstration in our city streets. Such as the Occupy Movement). Cops were using blinding pepper spray, way too vigorously, when you realize that their intended victim was an unarmed lady, college student, or elderly person, & the cops sprayed them like it was an extermination. The cops acted like this was actual Combat in a field of WAR, when these people posed NO DANGER to them whatsoever. This is THE SIGN, that the Forces of FASCISM are taking over our country. The cops have been filled with right-wing propaganda that WE the People are nothing but bugs and termites & should be exterminated. That is why they can deny our rights, our votes, our jobs, our homes, & leave us alone in a polluted world where there is no Help. The GOP is trying to destroy any agencies that help the poor, the elderly or the youngsters. The GOP do NOT want the kids to have a decent education (remember how most Repubs said they want to get rid of the Dept of Education?) That is because they know that any INTELLIGENT people will VOTE DEMOCRAT. And if we were all stupid, (or uneducated) we will be more likely to vote Republican. IF you think I am exaggerating, just notice that in places that have very poor quality schools, where many or most are being home schooled, by mothers who never got past the 3rd grade (basically illiterate) & you will hear them saying how Rush Limbaugh is a genius, or that he gives the best advice on how to vote. Very often these are in the rural South, & states that are VERY RED in voting patterns.

    But in states where there are cities with many good universities, the voters there are in the BLUE category. Then it is wise to examine the very Founding Fathers themselves, all of whom were college educated, and they mostly self-described themselves as "liberals." That means they would most likely be Democrats if they were alive today. The Repubs are now doing anything they can to DISMANTLE this 236 yr old democracy, & using stealth & rigging, & even violence against our own citizens who "protest" -- to gradually eliminate this way of life. The rich & corrupt have been steadily working since 1958 (in the JBS & its current reincarnation - the Tea Party) & they have figured out a way to RIG the Congress, by this Tea Party strategy, to "hold hostage" our Economy. Even if they were NOT elected President, they do not care about the usual democracy (or how we voted) because they believe that their Fascist takeover is almost complete. They have Bought our Supreme Court, they OWN most of our media, they brainwash kids in the schools with "revised" textbooks, they took over with propaganda, most of the churches very long ago. The Catholic Church tells its members to vote Republican. The Mormon Church votes Republican. The Army guys are allowed ONLY to listen to Fox News while in combat zones, (to make them vote Republican), & little kids in rural areas are being home schooled to believe all that right wing lunacy like from the Tea Party. I honestly don't know how any of them ever advanced into the Congress, when most of them would never have graduated from the SIXTH GRADE in MY school. People like Michelle Bachmann (is on the Intelligence Cmte) would have been exposed as the loonie she is, & would never have gotten further than dogcatcher of a small town. That is, if people
    were not too particular who they allow to handle their precious dogs & cats: ) Meanwhile, her husband would have been busy examining the sexual habits of all the furry creatures, in order to give therapy to any "gay" animals he finds. (No LIE, that is his actual job).

    It is too bad that I do all this writing for FREE. It would be great if I could charge by the square FOOT. (ha) But now my typing finger is getting numb, & my eyeballs are getting blurry, so guess I will bid you a very Good Night. (There may be 3 hrs to sleep until Dawn).
    And as my clever husband always says, "Only the early bird gets the Worm." (Time for his shock therapy) : )

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    Hiya friends. I'm new hear can came looking to find where ground zero is of the get Norquist's influence out of US politics contingent is. There is a way but what I have see so far are reactionary approaches like indicating for treason and I dare not even repeat the a-word used above a few times.

    Believe it or not though what he has done amounts to the worst things people have accused him of, just like Al Capone who everyone wanted to swing for murder and racketeering, the "small ball" of tax evasion got the job done.

    Not to confuse you, since taxes are Mr. Norquist's game, let me assure you right up front that it is not tax evasion that the "small ball plan" focuses on to win--the Al Capone analogy was just to make a point. Instead Norquist's longevity at doing what he does has implied a certain legality or righteousness to it. And being no stupid fool, it has probably occurred to him that what he has been doing is unprecedented and needs new law and therefore, with the number of Congresspersons he has under "influence" it is likely that such change in federal law will never come. The trouble is at some point what he has been doing has jumped nerdy subterfuge to plain old extortion, usurpation of political power to steer the economy, collusion all made possible by ensnaring politicians into conflict of interest--some more easily "ensnared" than others. The evidence of his scheme working over the last two and a half decades has been the decent of the Republican party into a mob or heartless opportunists. And all they have to do rather than "shoot one of their own" to prove their loyalty, is sign that blind ideological totality to never raise taxes KNOWING that in the event they actually achieve victory in a general election, they will have to swear and oath of office which will have stipulation to the contrary. That technicality of swearing to the oath of office--to American tradition--just happens to come with hand on the Bible they so quickly quote. But it's a private joke that neither god nor the government is coming for them if they lie on the oath of office. The only thing they fear is each other--as gangs do because that is where the retribution for disloyalty will come from soon enough.

    We may seem frozen by rock solid Obama hatred from the right but in this day and age, it's unlikely. This is a convenience that gets us to assume racism and do little or nothing about the real foe--undemocratic and criminal take-over. It's something right wing think tanks are very aware of want very much for everyone to just assume its racism and Obama hatred where nobody does a damn thing about it except complain and make race the red herring. Wake up!

    Richard Nixon found out the hard way that there is a line between politics and crime. And in the case of Norquist and his colluders, that line has long been crossed again. But it has been tolerated for the reasons Nixon thought he would get away with his misdeeds--when told of the arrest of the WG burglars Nixon is on tape telling his top guys: no one will notice "it's politics" "everybody's bugging everybody else". Well, though Reagan signed Norquist's pledge and raised taxes anyway, Bush 41's decision not to sign has been used as a ruse to imply superstition that if you don't sign you'll lose. It was actually Ross Perot splitting the vote that caused Bush 41 to lose. But no one back then could foresee the power of the coming of two things during the Clinton Administration that would give Norquist power beyond his wildest imagination--the rise of the partisan FOX News and the coming of the Internet. Add Limbaugh and right wing radio to the complex and you have instant power to go around with a document all but forcing one to be loyal to a blind totality at the implied threat of instantly being "leaned on" in the new and deeply penetrating right wing media complex or flatly abandoned by funders or both. This has trimmed the ranks of Republicans in Congress to what even the Speaker of the House calls "knuckle draggers". This is an American identity crisis--not unlike the secession which brought about the Civil War--this has however been the creation of a superseding loyalty inside the country which means one thing in essence--rather than break away and draft a separate Constitution, simply "take over" and ignore the one we have until the titled Supreme Court gets marching orders to change it. "Drown the government in the bath tub" sounds like a political slogan, but it has become a literal objective and that is such a line where we must stand on one side or the other. It doesn't have to be said to be shown that there is an active agenda to erode all progressive accomplishments, manufacture phony economic crises, hire subterfuge experts to construct a language of fraud to turn things like outdated subsidies into untouchable mainstays while turning earned benefits and Social Safety net programs into expendable "entitlements". It's not politics. It's not war. It's crime.

    What kind of people laugh and joke and go on vacation while cancer patients lose their chemotherapy, or elderly people too frail to stand and cook for themselves get that one meal on wheels taken away. Excuse me but where I come from those are the traits not of politicians but of a mob of criminals loyal to each other because they are afraid of what happens if they have a heart. And I for one lost two uncles five days apart on the battlefields of Europe fighting against the heartless. We can't be both. We area country of rights, heart and fairness, or we are the enemy my uncles were killed by only with a different flag and different geography.

    What's the "small ball" play to start winning this game? Don't swing for the fence. Dear God Mr. President don't compromise another nickel with these vultures--this is not politics, it's crime. For more on the details of how an alliance is growing to remove this criminal influence that has us, among, other things, choked in a sequester where not everyone feels the same pain at the same time. Send me a private message and I'll give you the web address of the plan. Thanks.