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Udall amendment to restore green energy funding for Armed Services passes Senate

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    Senator Udall led a drive to reverse an amendment in the Defense Authorization Act that would have restricted the military from investing in alternative fuels that cost more than petroleum. The original amendment was sponsored by Senators McCain and Inhofe and used fear mongering regarding sequestration to push it through. Senator Udall took his amendment to the full Senate and they rejected the McCain-Inhofe amendment by a vote of 62-37.

    “Our military is on the cutting edge technologically, but much of our fighting capability relies on foreign fossil fuels and decades-old power systems,” Udall said, in a statement Wednesday. “Today’s strong bipartisan vote affirms that we should allow our military leaders to continue to develop and use advanced alternative fuels.”

    If history is any guide, military spending in new technologies and fuels typically signals more investments into those things in the public sphere down the road. Thoughts on this?