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Inouye secures $1.5 billion for high speed rail project

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    Senator Inouye recently secured a $1.5 billion grant for a high speed rail project in Oahu, but is running into opposition from Hawaii's state Supreme Court because they say that Oahu broke state laws in moving the project forward.

    Let's hope that this project moves forward. It's time to make some progress away from fossil fuels and move into a future of clean transportation and energy.
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    1.5 Billion ??????? Wow that seems like a large amount of money. I think that any time something is charged to the govt. the
    cost quadruples. 1.5 Billion from NY to LA is understandable but just within the state of Hawaii seems excessive.
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    That sure does seem like an exorbitant amount. The only way I could even imagine it costing that much would be if it was nuclear powered, and they had to build a reactor for it.
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    "michaels" sure this is a small fortune; not that I know what the return on investment is, but I wonder if this place warrants such in the light of the population there; or is it just for tourists? If so, they have time enough to take a "peddle" buggy since they do not have to be at work in time.
    I'm amazed because of the "fiscal cliff" that these "hobby" projects still go and on; will we ever learn?
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    I do agree that $1.5 billion is a large sum of money, but it does require a large sum of money to lay the high speed lines, acquire the trains, pay the workers, etc. I am by no means an economic expert, but I would much rather spend $1.5 billion on green energy projects in our country than continue to give subsidies to the oil giants.

    The return on investment on green energy projects can only go up. The best time to invest in these types of projects is when the unemployment is high. What better way to get American's back to work than make a social compact with the citizens to transform the way we travel and consume energy as a people?