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The Romney money trail

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    I just saw on the Dutch news that the guy who owns just about half of the Sands Casino in Vegas got a divident payment of $1 billion, he also admitted that he put in $50 million in Romneys campaign. Of course this is tightly connected with the Mormon church who own just about half of Vegas. This guy is likely a Mormon as well, however this was not indicated. Do others have more info? Thus in other words, if Romney would have won what favors would this guy have gotten?
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    This is very hard for me to imagine, although I do know it happens. How much stock, or what percentage of ownership would one have to own or control to warrant being given $1 BILLION? Can you even imagine the value of that stock or ownership itself? Like any investment, one earns a percentage of the profits, not the income but the PROFITS. This being the case, one could/would not expect this dividend to exceed, say 15% maximum. If this were the case, the profits of that investment were likely $6.67 BILLION, and this is a minimum. What if the dividend paid were only 7% of the profits? Then the true profits would be $14.3 BILLION. Numbers like this are mind-boggling, especially when one knows they are real numbers in some cases. What is it that people do, or hope to do, with this much money? I would never let myself be in a position where I felt having millions/billions more would be the answer, because I feel it is NOT the answer. Do you think these persons are truly happy?
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    I saw that this guy owned close to 35-50% of the shares, so your analysis is correct. There must be somewhere here also an article about it, I presume; I also saw a quick flash of it on CNBC the same day (but knowing them; they did not repeat it) Anyway if anyone can retrieve this story
    Please sent it to this site.
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    Yes , I found the article; it is in Dutch but is translated as follows:

    American gives himself 1 billion

    The American "miljardair" and casino boss Sheldon Adelson gives himself an end of the year present of amazing proportions of $ 1,2 billion.
    In order to escape the additional taxes to be introduced by president Obama he quicly gives himself a super dividend just before x-mas.
    Las Vegas Sands made the reward of just about 2 billion super dividend known.
    The "head" of the company Adelson who owns 52% of the shares will thus receive the most of these dividends.

    Adelson who put in more than 50 million into the campaign of Romney wanted to resist Obama because of possible tax increases

    The 89 years old Adelson owns a "rough" 20 billion and created his own fortune.
    The dad of 5 kids never finished middle school.

    Note: of course his kids will benefit shortly, I wonder who they will push for 2016. what an unbelievable rich people are in this country, who even if they are just about dead, still try to "buy" influence.
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    Great post Dutch, he's just like many, but certainly not all of the rich guys. This guy fell off the turnip wagon and landed on his feet. I wonder how he got into any position of prominence without even a high school education. Maybe he inherited it, but who knows. In today's world without even a high school education, your options are almost zero.

    If my math is correct, so many zeroes, his donation to Romney's campaign is only five percent of the bonus he got.......I guess he's not so generous after-all. At 15%, his Federal tax on that $1 billion would have been $150 million, but with his campaign donation, his tax drops to a mere $142.5 million. A savings of $7.5 million.....hmmmmm, I wonder what he will use that for.
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    "michaels" great reply!! Just like you I wonder if Washington even blinks at these "news" clips; I guess not; this seems normal here I guess.
    Maybe you and I (the educated ones) are actually the stupid ones after all. But anyway I do not like casino's, so I would have failed terribly
    running one; probably would have only chased the girls and tripped over the thick carpets.