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the power of money

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    20 million in Robber Baron bribe money went to Michelle Bachmann and she almost lost. The explanation for the House still being controlled by the Robber Baron Stooges is billions in bribe money overwhelming local congressional districts and the whole thing really, really STINKS!!!
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    You can be upset about all these "money" issues; however as long as this country does not come to its senses, related to the whole election process, it will only get worse. I never believe that money has anything to do with "brains" in politics.

    For instance in the Netherlands each candidate can spent only a very limited amount (about $100k) which is not provided by "super pacs etc.

    This prevents "buying" your way in, but hopefully selected based on your "ticket" or "knowledge". I must say that does not work all the time either because of course fanatics always know a way to "screw" the system.

    Anyway I fear if there are not drastic changes introduced here the "mess" in 2016 will be a total disaster.

    I live in FL; I've never seen any more "tricks and treats" to screw the voter than here. Sorry to say but this Rick Scott fellow reminds me of a certain time in the "40's