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Changing party afiliation

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    Science Hill, KY
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    I have the curse of living in the state of Kentucky. The senators " representing" me are Rand Paul and Mitch McConell. Mitch wasted the last 4 years working against the national interest carrying a quest to make THE PRESIDENT have but one term. Without a doubt Mitch will continue to ignore reality and remain obstructionist. BUT he faces re-election in 2014! I'm going to change my registration to republican so that I can vote in the primary challenge from someone right of Rand Paul , Mitch should lose in the primary to the TEA party challenger. With any luck Ben Chandler will be the Democrat facing the fringe right TEA party choice over Mitch and Ben should win.
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    What must one do when he faces something wrong? God's word says we are to be watchmen. As a watchman, we are to take action or we are as guilty as the one who does something wrong. Does that make the watchman an obstructionist? I guess the answer is yes. Therefore being an obstructionist is not negative as suggested. All actions are not necessarily good. We need some obstructionist. Our forefathers knew that when they drafted the constitution. Unfortunately, many look at the constitution negatively. Unfortunately there are some actions that need to be obstructed. I wish it wasn't so.