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Dick Morris' Prediction: Romney landslide or "I'm through"

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    Plenty of people can look at the election results and say "called it!" Dick Morris is not one of these people.

    Dick Morris' Predicition

    325 EC votes for Romney and 5 point lead in popular vote. He was 90% sure that Romney would win and 66% it would be a landslide.

    My favorite part is when asked he reached these numbers he essential said that he took all the polls that showed Obama winning and then skewed the hell out of them. He said he would be finished if this prediction turned out wrong, but lets be honest, there is no accountability for terrible journalism and being completely absurd actually gets you more invitations to be on Fox. Rush isn't leaving the country and Dick Morris isn't leaving your TV set. Those are my predictions.
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    You are talking about a guy that used to be a member of the Clinton administration. I personally think he had the hots for Hillary and he got the shaft.
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    Dick Morris isn't the only guy that is "eating crow" because of his faulty predictions.

    In case you haven't heard of Wayne Allen Root, the link below will tell you more about HIS predictions, as well as the predictions
    of Jim Cramer: