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4 Million additional Hispanic voters

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    According to CBS there were 4 million more Hispanics registered to vote than there was in 2008.
    Republicans tried to lock up Evangelicals, and white men.
    Democrats got the majority of the Hispanic vote, the majority of women voters, many white men, and many other
    segments of the democraphic mix. It was rumored on Fox last night that Marco Rubio might be a wise selection in 2016.
    Hispanic and younger.
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    In hindsight, which is always easy, Rubio may have been a lot better for the Repubs than Ryan. Wisconsin was lost by their side anyway, and Ryan as VP was supposed to help them win that state. If having Rubio on the ticket would have made one or two percent difference in a few key states...well we will never know. The Repubs may try to do more to appeal to minorities in the future and Rubio may be the way. Don't be surprised if we hear more from Rubio in the future.
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    Just what we would not need, Hispanics taken in by the Republican liars, using one of their own may work, lets hope not.
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    You can't win the next war by fighting the previous war. Rubio would have been a good idea this time around but time it may well be Hillary that runs. The repubs will still have to play to the base and we know they will pick a nutcase to be VP, (Rand Paul?). From what I have read it seems the repubs aren't clued into what cost them this election.

    Winning the latino vote but losing the womens vote will not help next time. The repubs need a whole new rebranding, new product and distance from the flat earthers. Can they do that ? Nope.