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Chris Matthews Reaction to Obama Victory Speech

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    Did anyone else find Chris Matthews' reaction to Obama's victory speech odd and even somewhat disturbing? This guy rails about righties disrespecting Obama and regularly decries the racisim of the right and then he aggressively dumps on the President for not publicly thanking Clinton. He accuses Obama of not being a team player. At the end of the broadcast. Matthews credits Hurricane Sandy for Obama's victory. He even says something to the effect of "Thank goodness for that storm." I never disliked Chris Matthews, but now I really am having second thoughts about him. There's something strange psychologically going on with this guy. He protesteths too much about other peoples' racism and there is just something very off and offputting about his behavior on this election night. By the way, I thought the President's speech was powerful. It far exceeded my expectations.
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    Yes, I was thinking about that too. He did not seem to be rejoicing at all, in the victory, but seemed to distance himself from the whole thing. I have always liked Chris Matthews a lot, in the past, & appreciated all his efforts, like the Peace Corps in the 1960's. But it did seem that something odd was going on. You probably saw the incredulous look on Rachel Maddow's face also, as she tried to do some damage control on Chris's remarks. It was almost like he had been tippling too much joy juice. Anyway, maybe we will learn more about it tomorrow.
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    Sometimes I would get so irritated by Chris Matthews constantly interrupting every guest on his segment...even when they were just trying to answer his questions. It seems he thinks he's the only one with anything worthwhile to say. I stayed on that channel through the entire campaign because I enjoyed all of the other journalists so much; however, I was furious tonight when his reaction to the President's speech was so shocking. After hearing him push for this result to the election all this time, he ends up behaving in a totally DISrespectful way to Obama's speech. I agree with the previous post--there is a psychological strangeness. Maybe he could use a psychiatrist.
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    I have always loved Chris Mathews because he does play "hardball" with his guests. He is one of the few that do call out the total BS these clowns try and pass of as fact to the typical commentator. I must say that I was shocked to see and hear his commentary about Obama and his praise of Romney though last night. I wonder if he was drinking? I saw him on Morning Joe this morning and he looked terrible and was very defensive about everything he said.

    i found Romney's concession speech to be cold, unemotional and totally devoid of any real feeling, right on character in other words. I can't believe the praise people were heaping on him for what he said (or really didn't say)!
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    Chris Matthews is one of those characters who I can't help liking even though he sometimes gets on my nerves with all of his interrupting. He has a lot of heart and sometimes has very good insights. Even his excessive (and pretty awful) criticism of Obama after the first debate made some sense, but last night was beyond the pale. I also wondered if alcohol played a role. He basically was saying "Obama made his election night victory speech all about Obama." Firstly, I don't think that's true. Secondly, it's unseemly (for lack of a better word) to publicly dump all over a person the moment they cross the finish line. I thought Obama's speech was excellent. The praise for Romney's speech was mostly graciousness and it didn't bother me. I think maybe Matthews is the one having "all about me" issues. Having to share the stage with the other MSNBC hosts may have been too much for him and it seems like his ego may have gone out of control. It was disresepectful to the President, Rachel Maddow, the other hosts, and the viewers. I don't know if he is the sort who can admit he was wrong, let alone make the apology that would be the right and smart thing to do.
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    We watch Chris Matthews regularly, and while the show is well done, his constant talking over guests and attitude that politics is just such a fun game to play can be a bit irritating. I was really enjoying MSNBC's coverage of the election results until Matthews started in on the president for not giving enough of a partisan/political acceptance speech. We found it so inappropriate, we turned off the tube.

    The president's speech was right on the mark. The moment was about Obama. It's his ideas, strength, integrity, and rational, progressive leadership that people were cheering. It's those qualities and his progressive agenda that gave him the victory, not Clinton's speeches, while Clinton did help greatly to articulate the message; nor was it the Democratic Party. To most people it isn't about the Party. It isn't about the game of politics. It's about the progressive leadership that has brought us back from the brink of destruction, and the renewed hope that we have another four years in the right direction.
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    I just love Chris Matthews, and want to run my black hands through his blond hair!!! I forgive him because he was very tired and his chin showed it. lol. That skin was just flapping and at one time I thought he fell out of his chair. I know he did not really mean it in a bad way because he has really campained for our President. He had the "hard ball" to put it out there straight. The main thing is that Mitt just did not like the President because he is black. I believe in the most basic terms of our Constution that says that all men are created equal. This election uncovered a large, ugly monster that is still alive and well in our country..."RACISM" White people (some not all) why do you hate me so. What have we done that you are so determined to wipe us out. I want The USA to get to know one another. We are upon the eve of a "NEW UNITED STATES" and it is exciting. Come and get to know me, you will find out we are not as bad, lazy, grubby, thieves as you think among so many other things. I pray that if the Right and the Left don't get us out of this financial trouble, that we will march until you do!!!!!! I pray that we lay down our lives for you to make this the country of the free and the brave AGAIN. I know what it is to have money left over when you get paid to take the family out to dinner. I know what it is to see a man afraid of loosing their home and resort to acohol and drugs at 60 years old. We should not have children going hungry in America and I remember the days that this was not so. What would I do in Africa, or what would white people do in Ireland, Poland or other countries. We are a nation of other...... I am a severe Democrate because our nation depends on it. I dont want the third world countries pointing a finger at the most powerful country and laughing or plotting things while we fight and argue among each other. Rich people, HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU SPEND IN ONE LIFE TIME. Dont you know that one of your jets will solve the problem of some of the farmers in our country. We just ask that we all get to share in the good things. I have come to appreciate a full basket of grocieries. Lets build our neighborhoods, and roads for the surban homes that you have pot holes to get to them. Help all children get a good education. Look around, all black people are not in jail, all hispanics are not in gangs, all others are can be good citizens and make our country even greater. I believe in you newly elected Senators and Congressmen. Again if you dont I PRAY WE MARCH. WE CAN DO IT, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOT SOME RICH GUYS!
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    I am an MSMBC ball junkie...I watch everyday especially Hardball, give Chris a break, a slip of the tounge is not a fault of the mind.
    I am sure everything finally caught up, he is so passionate about politics and so honest with his opinions it just could be he was a little tired, don't be so quick to throw those stones. I am VERY happy President Obama is going to get another four years but PLEASE do not underestimate the ( Big Dog)President Clinton, he was very instramental in helping put him over the top.

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    Matthews' comment, after the President's victory speech, was right. Obama is too fond of playing the Lone Ranger. He regularly stiff-arms the party he chose to run with. His first term might have been a lot less disappointing if he had allowed his natural allies in Congress to fight alongside him. We all know Obama's Republican enemies have been monolithic, ruthless and implacable. But it was arrogant and foolish of him to treat Congressional Democrats as if they, too, were irresponsible extremists, as if it was his job to remain above the fray. Chris Matthews spent a lot of time on the Hill. He could teach Obama something about working in coalition with other politicians who share your values.
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    hello Anarch: Excuse me if I am a little bit off topic -- but I believe the radical right wing have made it nearly impossible to get anything done in the Congress (especially House of Reps) --- and there was NO WAY Obama could have forced them to compromise. The Tea Party gang had taken a pledge to Norquist, -- & come Hell or High Water (we did get the High Water part) -- they were not going to allow Obama to have any success with his agenda. They are there to "obstruct" & destroy any liberal agenda, & they fervently hope for him (& the Democrats) to FAIL. When you have a large group dedicated to "sabotage" & semi-treasonous behavior, it is extremely difficult to remove them without impeachment or even ARREST. And so far, people seem afraid to use either method against the Tea Party group. So we have a nation in Gridlock, & one half of the govt is being held hostage by the other half, due to the WEALTHY using their money & power to manipulate the system in their favor. THERE IS NOBODY who can teach Obama "lessons" in how to overcome this situation, as there has never been a precedent for this.
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    Eternal Flame: As I said, "We all know Obama's Republican enemies have been monolithic, ruthless and implacable." We'll never know what more Obama might have accomplished by forming a close, public, united front with Democrats in Congress, because he never tried. The issue, looking forward, is Will he make a greater effort this time? And Will he make a greater effort to enlist the American people to pressure the House majority to make meaningful compromises? Will he stop ignoring organized labor (after they contributed so much, again, to his victory?) Will he start working -- now -- with his Party, and his progressive allies across the country, to elect the majority he needs in 2014? As a longtime top aide to Tip O'Neill, Chris Matthews knows something about "old time" coalition building, and I think he wishes that Obama would use his rock star status to greater advantage by sharing the stage with people who want him to succeed and are ready to fight beside him.
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    Chris Matthews goes back and forth from adulation to contempt where Obama is concerned. It's infantile and a classic symptom of narcissim. Obama's human. Bill Clinton's human. Even Mitt Romney is human. It would be nice to see Matthews, an influential public figure, get a grip on it (along with the interruption problem). Obama, in his victory speech, powerfully articulated a progressive vision and prepared listeners for the frustrations and challenges ahead of US and him. Alot of people refer to him as the "adult" in the room" and I think it is an apt description. I would add that he also is the "sane" person in the room which, sadly, is not true of many leaders. We're lucky and blessed to have this guy.
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    First setting the stage. Chris was with President Clinton the day before and saw first hand how President Clinton worked for President Obama. Chris does have a lot of respect for the Clintons. That said, I to noticed that President Obama left out President Clinton in his thanks. However it was not professional of Chris to display his feelings immediately after President Obama's speech and later on that evening in a panel discussion where he was still clearly upset. Unfortunately Chris will hold on to that omission for a long time.
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    I was surprised by his comment on thanking Clinton, however, that was how he felt and has a right to express his view. I do not agree with Chris on this. I don't believe that the speech the President made on election night should have included thanking President Clinton. I believe that needed to be done in person. There were so many volunteers who worked just as many long hours as President Clinton. We all received thank you e-mails that night. I'm sure President Obama did not forget to thank Clinton. Chris made a much worse comment about hurricane Sandy. I knew he just stuck his foot in his mouth, but I knew that it did not come out the way he meant it. I knew Chris was glad that all the people, including Gov. Christie, who attacked the President on his lack of leadership in crisis were wrong. I have most of my family living in NY, NJ, & CT. Many of them lost a lot, but thank God, nobody lost their lives. I am not angry at Chris because many times I've said things that came out wrong and I knew it the minute I said it and regretted my choice of words. We are all human and make mistakes. Chris was so into politics that night, that was all he was thinking about, add exhaustion to that and I think we need to cut the man some slack. One more thing, Chris apologized the same day. His apology was real and you could see that it saddened him that he made such a statement. I'm a behavioral specialist and I knw when someone is sincere or only apologizing because he has to. Believe me, Chris was sincere.

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    Thank God for you Chris: Here is what I wrote the President about monitoring e-mails.

    Mark Karns
    101 Greenwood Blvd
    Denver, Colorado 80221

    October 22, 2013

    President Barack Obama:
    The White House
    Washington DC, 20500

    Peace and health Mr. President:

    I have written you and other politicians over the past ten years with no requested response. I heard yesterday John Kerry say that the President investigated certain e-mails in order to prevent harm to people of America and the world. I fully approve of your action as you are a good and Godly administration. This makes me believe that some of my e-mail and letters have gotten through to the right people.

    The Lord is sovereign and has sheltered me all my years from harm and violence, even during my military service. I have committed no act of violence in my life. David was a great warrior for the Lord and was loved by Him. I think God loves me also however.

    I will submit my life to violence form people who may not approve of me. I do however hope that those who love peace and righteous behavior and talk would take the Lord’s and my side.

    My book “The Secrets to Life Addition and Revelation to the Bible” which is available worldwide on This may alert Satin to my whereabouts. I thought Satin knew my whereabouts throughout my life. That is probably not true, but he may find out soon.

    You have many pressing things to do so this is just one more important thing to do for the Lord. The result will bring about a new world order of peace with a more obvious control of the world by the all mighty hand of the Lord. This will be the first step of the Lord for placing Christ on the throne in Jerusalem.

    You have proved to be the greatest president to the people of America and the world. America and the world could fall back into a “Gilded Age” if you and the Democrats loose power.

    Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, America and the world.

    Mark Karns aka Jesus, the Son of man, the Serpent, the false prophet, and other less flattering things.